When Holidays used to be holidays

When Holidays used to be holidays

When holidays used to be holidays, this time of the year was one of a kind. This was so, many years ago.

Despite the family drama, we all had a wonderful time together. Grandmas could pamper us with good stuff and narrate awesome stories. The Internet and television had not yet gained popularity, so we were all looking forward to our grandparents’ stories.

We were not afraid of dirt or grandma’s recipes, we welcomed the countryside with an open heart.

We would spend almost the whole of December and part of January in the village, and be very sad to go back to the cities.

Sadly all these changed very fast.

We no longer manage to stand each other as family. So we are almost coming up with a timetable of visiting our folks to avoid colliding with our “annoying” family members.

It has been turned into a one-day affair if not half a day. Sharing only one meal in a hurry.

Grandparents’ stories no longer entertain, and their recipes are biasedly scrutinized. Yet we ate the same recipes while growing up, what changed?

The drunk uncle no longer makes it to the countryside, he is not able to leave the bar on time.

The beauty of attacking the leftovers while unboxing our gifts is long gone. We end up wasting huge amounts of food, as we slim our way into perfect body shapes and weight. Not a bad thing, but we should inform our folks to not cook too much.

Change starts with you

Don’t allow all the awesome holiday rituals to disappear.

This is one month that helped us bond as a family. Hence strengthening our support system, not forgetting our mental health.

No matter how much we may fight with our family members when it comes to supporting. They will never leave your side.

Bad and sad moments should not be the cause of ff coming together, but holidays should be the biggest of them all.

Time to exhale and allow your system to let it out.

To me, family especially my mum, is where I will take all my problems without the fear of judgment. A place where I can allow myself to be completely vulnerable with no fear.

It’s a firm support system that offers therapy sessions for free and in abundance.

This is despite the ups and downs, and frictions once in a while. No one is perfect, the same applies to families. You just have to learn how to work with your imperfections and enjoy the ride.

We may have friends who have turned out to be more than family and are there for us, no matter what. But truth is, they will never manage to completely replace our family.

Go around and ask those who have been raised or living with people who are not their blood family, they will help you understand the difference. They may be provided with everything they need, but they will always be that gap in their heart. That yearning of their blood family, no matter how complicated or evil they may have been.


The same way we have been neglecting our own is exactly what we are doing to our mother nature. We no longer cherish her or see her importance. But only value what we have built. Forgetting that she is the one making it possible by providing the necessary raw materials.

She is no longer in our hearts, and her interests no longer please us. What we need, is what we have to have ASAP. Not bothering about the consequences.

Don’t allow that, we can do better.

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