World Lemur Day

Did you know that 98% of lemur species are threatened with extinction while 31% is critically endangered?
The time to act is NOW.

As we celebrate Lemurs today, here are some facts related to them:

  • Madagascar is the only place lemurs naturally call home.
  • There are over 100 species of lemur, in all shapes and sizes.
  • Lemurs have a female-dominant society.
  • Lemurs are legendary
  • Lemurs are crucial seed dispersers.
  • Besides humans, lemurs are the only primates that have blue eyes.
  • Lemurs self-medicate
  • When it comes to communication, some lemurs sing a capella while other use stink.
  • Lemurs are the world’s oldest living primates.
  • Lemurs attract tourists hence important for the Madagascar economy.

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