As we celebrate World Vegan Day

It’s important to note that we have countries that have free-ranging livestock that provide food for the occupants. And that doesn’t make them unconscious of emissions from livestock farming, they do and almost don’t contribute to it.

We haven’t cleared forests or huge pieces of land for livestock farming, but still, practice nomadism and in other areas, including it with other forms of farming.

I think killing domestic animals for food ethically doesn’t go against animal rights.

This goes to communities that feed fish too. Those who fish sustainably allow the fish population to keep growing.

The key point is avoiding being judgemental based on what is happening on our end and ignoring what is happening on their end. Get to know them a little, before accusing. Every positive step towards climate action is welcomed and important. Let’s encourage one another in this fight, as we all stand to lose.

For our friends who are in areas where livestock farming has become a problem, contributing to huge emissions of greenhouse gases. It’s time you went for sustainable livestock farming, or embrace veganism to reduce the demand for meat. hence pushing for reduced meat production.

Veganism is not easy for everyone, just like zero waste is not attainable. The goal is to reduce our carbon footprint.

Extremes on this will not be sustainable, and we need solutions applicable to all. To do this as a planet, for a better long-lasting solution.

Small steps counts and consistency is key. We need not put anyone down, especially those doing something towards a better planet. They may not be perfect, but they don’t deserve to be brought down just because they don’t agree with some of your ways.

Happy World Vegan day

5 thoughts on “As we celebrate World Vegan Day”

  1. We all need to be aware of the consequences of our actions, and do as much as we can to reduce our impact on the earth and our fellow creatures. I agree that be we should not judge others, but let us judge ourselves. Without being too harsh, for we all have our limitations!

    • True, true sustainability is key here. Knowing where and how what we consume affect our planet will guide us to the right direction. We each interact with this planet differently, so its important to go for sustainable ways for big wins as we reclaim our healthy planet back

  2. I agree Winnie 👍 it’s often not an option for some people to go vegan. Although I am vegan myself I try to not judge or exclude people from the boycott4wildlife based on whether or not they are vegan it seems not very nice to me and it’s also not realistic to expect everyone to just instantly turn vegan

    • Exactly, we need sustainable options. As long as we are conscious of our carbon footprint, and emissions being emitted by what we consume. We will be able to go longer with these ecofriendly decisions. As opposed to culture shock that may be dropped after a while.


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