Thanks to all my new Friends

As I was traveling to Mombasa, I thought it was going to be just mum, sis, and me. But, hey, that was my plan but not what the future had for me.

Strangers who turned into the best buddies and best birthday gifts turned the events in a different direction. They brought all the fun, dancing, merry, and all the craziness we end up doing.

Funny enough, no one bothered to ask names or the sometimes annoying get-to-know-me questions.

The guy who was helping with my meals brought his sound system. And the party was so ON.

The other people in the compound started streaming in, and we enjoyed the afternoon together.

It has been a while since I felt this happy.

I loved how happy my mum and sister were. They were my main VIPs, and their happiness during the trip mattered to me. Mum didn’t waste an opportunity to record almost all the day’s events. (I hope to get some serious laughing in the future, as we revisit the videos).

Traveling does help you meet different people, who may end up lighting up your day. I tend to think people who don’t know each other, tend to appreciate more the positives of lives, appreciating the smallest things that matter, and just being themselves. Without having any fears of judgment from maybe what people know of them, or going through. A tiny window to live the present, and allow life to flow into our precious lives.

Here is a tiny video sampling how it went down during my birthday.

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