10 New Insights in Climate Science

  1. Stabilizing at 1.5 degree Celsius warming is still possible,but immediate and drastic global action is required.
  2. Rapid growth in methane and nitrous oxide emissions putus ontrack for 2.7 degree Celsius warming.
  3. Megafires – climate change forces fire extremes to reach new dimensions with extreme impacts.
  4. Climate tipping elements incur high-impact risks
  5. Global climate action must be just
  6. Household behavior changes is a crucial but overlooked opportunity for climate action.
  7. Political challenges impede the effectiveness ofcarbon pricing.
  8. Nature-based solutions arecriticalfor thepathway to Paris – butlook at the fine print.
  9. Building resilience of marine ecosystems is achievable by climate-adapted conservation.
  10. Costs of climate chnage mitigation justified by benefits to thehealth of human and nature.

The insights were provided by the future earth org


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