What’s Next After The Global Climate Strike?

We did it, so what’s next after the global climate strike? Will they hear us? Will they be the needed action and change from all involved parties? A time like now, next year, will we have a different story?

On 19th March we joined the Global Climate Strike

We came together and voiced our concerns, towards climate action. Where we came together to demand:

  • #NoMoreEmptyPromises
  • Stand together with everyone facing unprecedented effects of the climate breakdown.
  • Saying no more fossil fuels investments.

Due to the measures set for the pandemic, the physical meeting was accessible to few people. While the majority joined digitally.

Nairobi, Voi, Malindi and Mombasa, well presented Kenyans` voices in solidarity with the global climate strike.

Youths were able to air their concerns, stand up for the voiceless, and requested their leaders to hear them out. They clearly understand that their future is at the mercy of actions being affected by climate change. Or else they may not be having a future to look for at all.

Went ahead to plant trees, express their demands through writing, and did a cleanup. All in solidarity with this special day.

May all these not be bore something positive. May we see something happening soon.

What’s Next?

I hope that our leaders heard us , and will help meet our demands for the betterment of our planet.

We need them to take climate change seriously, before it`s too late.

Our economy is already hurting from the pandemic, and climate change will only make things worst.

Our green spaces are disappearing like the morning mist, we no longer have trees in our cities. Trees provided a cool environment, as we made peace with our thoughts in the midst of all chaos. We really need trees protected and grown more everywhere.

For a long time, we have only thought of profits over our planet. Can we please think of the bigger picture? We need our planet as a whole, no species or humans should suffer climate change consequences.

A while back, I read somewhere that the 5G network will not be very nice to our tiny species like the insect. Sadly the need for speed and better technology has made the 5G network continue penetrating more continents at a very high speed. And the only question most seem to concentrate on is its safety to humans. What about the other living species?

It’s time we included everyone and every living thing safety in our decision-making. Advanced developments should not eliminate others from the ecosystems.


As we contniue to push our leaders in all these, we need to remember that we hold the bigger part.

Individual efforts will go a long way, in fighting climate change. From the smallest act, as each effort matters. Don’t shy away.

We are the ones who give these leaders the positions, and opportunities. Let’s choose those that align with what’s good for our planet. And always making them accountable.

Be the change you want to see in our planet.

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