Reminder to our Leaders to do Something Meaningful towards Climate Change

This Friday on 19th March, different activists all over the world will be coming together to raise their voices against fossil fuel investments and the lack of action from our leaders. 

This time around, they have outlined their demands clearly. They include:

  • A complete stop to all fossil fuel investments, exploration, and exploitation.
  • Commitments to keep the global heating below 1.5 degrees 
  • Climate policies to recognize vulnerable workers who are affected by climate change. 
  • Creation of a safe space to ensure grassroots voices are heard.
  • Ecocide to be made an international crime

In Kenya, they will be both physical (very limited number due to the ban on social gathering), and online options. The physical locations will include:

  • Nairobi: Michuki Park
  • Voi: Stadium
  • Mombasa: Nyali
  • Malindi

It is important to note that :

All these events and online meetings are peaceful actions. Whereby participants have been advised to follow protocol and obey officials at all times.  And most importantly, adhere to all covid protocols.

Dear Leaders,

Could you please join us, and help make our planet a better place before climate change destroys everything?

You continue to operate business as usual, as people continue to suffer the climate change consequences. We have lost lives, livelihood, species, properties, and we are now losing our minds.

Mental health has greatly been affected, and we have insufficient support towards it. Vulnerable groups are not able to make sense of what is happening around them. Kids and women have been hit the worst. Some are still in shock from what they experienced from the various natural disasters.

These disasters include floods, landslides, drought, heatwave, among others. They have no means to secure the over-prized therapy sessions. And the ordinary hospitals are not offering the needed help. They just know bad stuff happened to them, wondering why them.

As you can see, human life quality is already at risk. You need to wake up and accept reality. Our people and all other living species are suffering. We don’t have the option of allowing you more time to figure it out. We need action like YESTERDAY. Or we risk losing more.

You are good and effective when it comes to taking good care of yourselves. That is your salaries, allowances, pension plans, just to name a few. None of you miss these sessions in your parliamentary sittings. But when it comes to what touches the basic us, then you are too busy for that. Until when you need our vote and support. Then you can spare few minutes to lie how well you value us, just to buy off our support. Sadly, you immediately drop us when you get what you want.

Its unfair.

We trusted you with our needs, hence employed you by voting for you into the office. And some of you decided to use other means. But we are ready to swallow the bitter pill on that. We just need you to do the right thing for once. Please see us as humans who deserve to be protected against all forms of human violence.

Greed should come to an end, and embracing humanity should be embraced. Remember that kid who is dying of hunger because of drought. Or that mum who still gets a panic attack after being hit by a landslide and losing everything and everyone to the disaster.

Stop supporting actions and activities promoting climate change.

We hope that you will hear us and act this time around. We are not enemies, but a bunch of humans really concerned about the welfare of everyone else. Support us, as opposed to target us.

Will you hear us.

Yours Truly,

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