Earth Optimism Virtual Summit

Dates: 29 Mar-4 Apr 2021

Opportunity; Do you have STORIES OF HOPE in environment challenge – A focus on Africa, register here.


1.Environmental Conservation: Species and Habitats
2.Communities: Site action, Research, and Capacity building
3.Sustainable food systems: Ecological agriculture, Food security, and nutrition
4.Climate action: Adaptation, Mitigation, and Innovation

Still confused?

For a very long time, youths engaged in sustainable practices have somehow been left out, and their stories not out here. They have been winning, but not given enough attention given to them.

Long gone are these days, organizations are starting to give youth avenues and means to be heard. An opportunity to let the world know how you are helping. To tell your story in your own words, and stop being voiceless. It’s the year where we have refused to be voiceless.

Stories being sorted need to be on matters conservation, sustainable food systems, climate adaptation as well as mitigation.

I love the Change

Some time back, no one really cared or given a second look at a tweet/post/picture meant to create awareness on issues surrounding our environment plus wildlife.

We were the laughing stock in social media, every time we made a comment where people seemed to talk ill or ignorant towards conservation. No one really understands why we cared.

But that is slowly changing, people are starting to give it a thought and curious. They are now, asking for clarifications, engaging, and wanting to know more.

Platforms are also opening up, more people and organisations are willing and making it happen.

They are supporting youth to get their stories out there. Connecting them to fellow youth with similar interests. Making the relations stronger and innovative.

We are now able to connect with each other, get to learn from each other and succeed together.

Speak Up

No action is too small to make an impact, anything that could help solve our current environmental issues is good enough to be explored.

Two heads are better than one, connect with your peers. Of course, you need to really know well about them and always protect your innovations.


The virtual summit is also open to those still working on their stories.

A week where you get to learn more on practises being practised towards environment conservation.

You don’t wanna miss it, as you also have an opportunity to meet new friends who will bring awesomeness to your life. Any efforts made towards the betterment of our planet are worth anything you could offer. And this one needs your time, don’t let it slide away.

2 thoughts on “Earth Optimism Virtual Summit”

  1. Have you heard about Tiyeni in Malawi. They help farmers learn about deep bed practices. I am attending an interesting summit about soil regeneration which is connected with them. I just wandered if you have heard about them.?

    • Hello, I had not heard of them. Sounds interesting especially now that we are busy working on our forest cover that needs excellent soil management.


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