The Green Warrior

Anita Soina the green warrior.

She is an Environmental Warrior and Activist, currently pursuing a B.A. in Public Relations and Corporate Communication, at the Multimedia University of Kenya. Passionate about social change with a strong inclination to environment conservation! She founded SpiceWarriors at the age of 18 to mobilize more young people, especially outside conservation to join the Climate Movement! Also, the Director of Eco-Tours and Adventure by SpiceWarriors that encourages people to travel to nature attractive places especially conservancies owned by communities! She is an Author, The Green War is her first book which is meant for young people highlighting some 0f the environmental injustices

The 25th September Global Strike

Thats the day I met Anita physically.

I had seen great stuff she was doing online for the love of our environment. It was encouraging to see that despite not have a background in environmental or wildlife issues. She was passionate enough to fight for them.

You could tell she loves our environment, and ready to do anything for her safety.

What are you doing for our environment? Or whats your excuse?

Love our planet enough to fight for her, we need her. The rising temperatures are horrific enough to alarm us. Leaders should listen, and do the right thing.

We should support amazing youth like Anita, to ensure their future is bright. Lets not not snatch good things our planet can offer from them.

The Green War

This is her first book, where she highlights key issues that needs addressing like immediately. Giving hope to the fellow environmentalists, and welcoming more young people to join her course.

Planting tree

She champions the planting of trees every chance one gets, and advocates for the protection of the grown ones. Especially those that are the mercies of billboards, roads, among other development plans.

We celebrate her this World Women Day/Week!!!

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