International Day of Forests 2021

Theme: Forest restoration a path to recovery and well-being

Are you protecting our trees, growing more of them or clearing them for different uses?

Forests are vital in our Ecosystem

As climate change continue to terrorize different species, with different impact around the day. We are quickly learning that we are running on a deficit when it comes to forest cover in most of the countries

Trees have always been the losers when development is in question. They are seen as of less importance economically, and the involved parties don’t really bother to successfully replace them.

They are quick to cut them down, justify with numbers (expected profits) and careless of the lost value of tree to our planet.

Towns and Cities are notorious for cutting down trees yet they produce high emissions of Greenhouse gases

We need this narrative changed like yesterday, as we really need these trees.

As we celebrate this day, may we remember the importance of protecting our trees.


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