Today is Walk to Work Day

In the spirit of embracing positive activities that support climate action, we have days been invented. Walk to work day, is one of them. That not only support planet health, it’s also good for our general health.

Transport has been known to be one of the threats to our planet, due to the high greenhouse gases emissions it contributes. More cities and towns are embracing road systems that allow cycling and walking.

Apart from the high emissions, heavy traffic has necessitated the need for other means of transport within crowded cities.

Have you Walked to Work?

Or are you among those still in Lockdown, hence working from home.

As we commemorate this day, may we continue to embrace practices that reduce our negative impact on our planet.

Carpooling too would work, the goal is to reduce your carbon footprint as much as possible. And dont forget that every action towards climate action matters.

Happy Walking day

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