Every Living Organism Has a Way of Communicating

Every Living Organism Has a Way of Communicating

Every living organism has a way of communicating. We may not be able to understand each other’s language. But its there and communication get passed from one organism to another.

How do Forests speak to us?

If you have ever been into the woods and feel different ways nature talks to us. From the wind whispers, total silent, singing birds, etc.

The air is fresh, the environment is calm and things somehow friendly. Very different from what we are used to in our living space.

The forest is free from all sort of pollution, allowing our souls and spirit to truly enjoy some peace.

What about animals or even bugs?

Have you ever been carried away watching small insects going about their business? The termites busy carrying stuff around, the beetle fighting or rolling some poop.

The lion plotting and finally running after their dinner. How the herbivores feed yet very alert of their environment. The constant checks and upright ears. It’s so refreshing.

I love how most of the animals and plants are so coordinated. You know, like how birds fly in groups creating different shapes up there. The termites and ants walking in a straight line. The parasitic trees growing beautiful over their host trees.

It’s just amazing, communicating to us the importance of togetherness, order, and union. Communication that is clearly passed across.

So how do humans communicate to non-humans?

I think we are the only living species that other organisms rarely learn from positive stuff.

We are not very generous in spreading the love with no ulterior motives. We tend to expect something for anything we offer. Lucky, it’s not all of us.

We throw garbage to their homes, destroy nature, kill both flora & fauna, just to name a few. We are even not very nice to our fellow humans times.

Words are not the only way we communicate stuff. But actions do carry heavier weight. And we forget that everyone does need a little grace and kindness.


Always be keen to listen, observe and mingle with other living organisms, you will learn important life skills and lessons.

I was happy to read an article about someone researching if trees do have a heartbeat. Since life is symbolized by a heartbeat. From that article, they have concluded that trees indeed do most stuff like other animals. That is, have a pulse, sleep, move, etc. Am yet to really understand it. But it does make sense.

Long-time ago, insects and birds were used to foretell weather patterns and seasons for planting. We need to have such relationship back.By opening up to nature and other living organisms. We will be able to learn how to reclaim a healthy planet back.

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