Animals that need no passport for their travels : Birds

Animals that need no passport for their travels : Birds

Birds are animals that need no passport for their travels around the world. They just need enough strength and natural sources of direction/light to get to their destinations.


They belong to the kingdom, Animalia. Incuding all living organims that are not plants.

They come in different shapes and sizes, as well as colours.

I remember a song one of my business tutors taught us, and I can say it described the lives of birds. The song lyrics were; Early to bed, early to rise. Makes someone healthy, wealthy and wise.

Birds go to sleep early and wake us up very early. I must also add that , we can classify them as morning people. They will wake up very early and always with a song to start off their day.

Not caring what happened the previous day or that particular day problem. They have the best way of starting their days.

Unlike the other wildlife spoting, bird watching is a little bit different. But very interesting when you finally get your way around it.

Things that amaze me about birds

They have freedom of movement around the world. They travel across oceans, move from one continent to another, and enjoy freedom.

Before all the developments came along, I think birds were among the luckiest animals with huge freedom. They could be able to change locations when things got messy or unbearable.

They are also very intelligent. Understand that their journeys need energy . So they eat to a point of doubling their usual weight and use that energy for flying long distance.

What about their sense of fashion, they are the most beautiful and colorful animals on our planet.

African Hoopoe is my best birds, but hummingbird always amazes me. Let us explore more about them in our next blog post.

Threats facing birds

  • Climate change : This has resulted to changes in the climate patterns and seasons. Which aided birds during their migration. Hence making migration difficult and full of challenges.
  • Deforestation and loss of habitat : Cutting down of trees is another majot threat facing these creatures. Once a tree is cut down, they lose their home and source of food.
  • Developments : Urbanization and other developments are penetrating almost every place at a very rapid speed. Unfortunately, most of these changes are being done without considering their effect on animals like birds.
  • Presence of glass-walled apartments/ buildings. These structures have lately caused many deaths among bird. As the birds are unable to tell, if it’s a wall or clear for passage. They end up flying right through them, hence landing to their death on our pavements. The reflections of the surroundings on the glass walled create confusion to the birds.
  • The very tall skyscrappers. These structures are gaining popularity lately and very major cities and town, have several of them. What we don’t understand and pay attention to. Is that we are blocking path used by birds during their movements and migrations.
  • Presence of artificial light throughout the night. Do you switch off your lights when you go to sleep? Stars and moon are among the “google map” tools for migratory birds. So artificial light cause confusion to them. Unlike us, they are unable to tell difference between the natural and artificial light. So if you don’t mind and live near environment with birds, please do switch off / dim out your lights at night.
  • Hunting and exploitation. Birds are also one of the animal species targeted by sport-hunters.


Birds are very important in our ecosystem and if we continue ignoring them. And continue with developments that are not ec0-friendly. We might lose them too.

No more morning songs and colorfulness in our skies, among other great values they bring to our lives.

You have some space in your backyard. Build them a bird feeder, fill it with food and don’t forget to have some water nearby.

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  1. Birds are amazing creatures, and like other creatures, they need protection from our destructive tendencies. Can you imagine a world without birds? How quiet and sad our earth would be!


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