Top 5 Tips for a Beginner Bird Watcher / Guest Post

Top 5 Tips for a Beginner Bird Watcher / Guest Post

Bird watching is a scientific sport and a popular hobby of observing birds. And whoever does this can be referred to as a bird watcher. This hobby brings you closer to nature. There is a heart filled joy that you will experience when you watch rare species of birds.

Bird watching requires patience and keen observation to enjoy this hobby. Initially, it will be difficult to identify most of these birds. With practice and experience, you will learn to identify them.

Here are a few things you need to know as a bird watcher.

Where can I watch birds?

Birds are everywhere. You can watch them from the terrace of your house, park, and garden. You can also set out on a hike in the forest or even go to a river bank. There are birds everywhere; you only need to have observation skills.

Binocular and Telescope

There are a variety of models available for binoculars. You can buy the one that best suits your need.

A binocular is your best friend when you’re in the field watching a bird. It should give you a good view and clarity of the birds.

You can get many excellent binoculars at reasonable prices. Check the best binoculars under 300.

Once you enjoy and gain experience, you would be tempted to invest in a telescope. There are different telescopes that you can buy. Before buying, try watching through it and then make an investment.

Use a guide book

As a beginner, it is difficult to identify each bird.

Go through a few guide books and select the one you love the most. It is a good investment for a bird watcher.

You can also resource online for information on different kinds of birds. There are also mobile apps that are quite useful when you’re not in the field.

Once you have spent a good time in the field, you will get better at identifying the birds. You will start understanding through their color, their singing or call, pattern, and size.

You just need to have patience and enjoy the whole experience of watching them.

 Feeding the birds

There are different types of bird feeders.

You can attract birds by filling these bird feeders with grains, mealworms, and fruits.

It is a friendly way to attract birds, and you can get a good view of the bird.


A digital camera can capture really good images. You can take pictures of these gorgeous birds and put them up on your blog or Instagram.

You can even use a mobile phone to click beautiful pictures. There are mobile phones that have dual cameras and can click pictures with the zoom-in feature.  They have high-quality pictures with excellent clarity. You can view these pictures and later learn about these birds in depth.

They have high-quality pictures with excellent clarity. You can view these pictures and later learn about these birds in depth.


The hobby of bird watching brings joy and peace. There are a few things you must always remember when bird watching that is to be quiet. Always maintain silence and do not disturb the birds. Birds can easily scare away with noise.

Even though bird watching can be a solo pursuit, you can connect with other bird watchers online. There are websites and Facebook groups that will give you information on local bird outings.

Connect with bird watchers group and expand your horizon to go out and watch these beautiful species.

By Steve Wells

Steve is an outdoor enthusiast and a blogger.
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