Just like humans, animals too do have rights. These rights allow them enjoy ethical treatment. They are to be treated with respect and not subjected to suffering.

Genesis of animals rights was faced with difficulties and negative critics. Many opposing in the basis that animals have no duties. Hence no worthy of having their own rights.
After several arguments and theories. It was agreed that animals should have rights but remained inferior to human status. This gave birth to animal rights movements.
Animal rights ensures that they are treated with certain considerations. This frees them from the acts of humans as their superior. Humans are to respect and observe these rights irregardless of their needs.
It’s important to understand that animals have the ability to suffer just like humans. Their emotions are closely related to those of humans. After all,in living things classification, we both belong to kingdom Animalia.
With that in mind, it your duty to take into account your actions that interfere with their needs. Just like you won’t allow anyone step on your rights. You shouldn’t overlook those of animals.

Does Kenya have laws that protect animals?

Yes we do.
It is well elaborated under CAP 360 and 364 of Kenyan constitution.

CAP. 360 : Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act

This act involves the personnel, means of transport and manner at which animals are handled to while being transported.
If the animal is caused suffering in any way, the involved party will be subjected to a fine/imprisonment or both.

CAP. 364 : Animal Diseases

This acts regulates activities involved during animal importation and movements, infected areas, prevention of diseases’ spread and tests on animals .

Do we really need to be policed so as to protect animals?

I don’t think so.
We benefit a lot from animals and protecting them should come naturally. Great relationships are born from animals-human friendships.
Well cherished animal-human friendship is a deal to die for. Animals seem to get us more than our fellow humans. A dog / cat is capable of brightening your dull day. Save lives and offer companionship.
For examples, dogs have come to be known as some of the best baby sitters. They have been doing good with babies. Similar to cats, their cuddling behaviors help release stress. What about their cuteness?
Animals are just wonderful creatures that deserve all love. They are sensitive and that’s why , they can express happiness, anger, sadness, among others. Just like us.

They are faithful and true.
They are faithful and true.

They love unconditionally
They love unconditionally

They need us as much as we need them.
They need us as much as we need them.

Your little kids will never run out of adventurous stuff to do with dogs around
Your little kids will never run out of adventurous stuff to do with dogs around

Helps relax you after a long day
Helps relax you after a long day

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