Everyone Loves Good Leather

That’s right, we all love good leather. It has to be genuine of best quality. This cut across all the leather products. From shoes, clothes, watch wrists, bags, just to name a few.

Leather is expensive but that doesn’t hinder or lower our. We are more than willing to incur the cost. With something made of leather, your status is pampered. It brings a good feeling and confidence.

A leather belt never disappoints.
A leather belt never disappoints.

But have you ever thought of its production process. Of course we know where leather comes from. It comes from animals. So how is it extracted?

Thanks to the documentaries.

Have you watched any documentaries illustrating the journey of your wonderful pair of shoes. Very few may have gotten this opportunity to have a look. And for sure, these documentaries are not for faint-hearten. Especially if you love animals.

It will be very easy to disown everything made of leather just by watching these documentaries. I saw one the other day. And gotten help to shed a few tears.

Animals too have rights. They are not to be subjected to cruelty and animosity. They do feel pain too. That should be always in our mind.

These guys are no longer safe. And their huge size makes them more vulnerable.
These guys are no longer safe. And their huge size makes them more vulnerable.

The documentary was on how snake’s skins are extracted. These poor creatures are being poached and subjected to unbearable pain. Being knocked several times on their heads. And since these guys have no idea about snake’s head morphology. They blindly hit almost every part. To make the snakes unconscious.
Some chose to subject the snake to hunger. Keeping them for days with no food. Seriously, even the smallest piece of mercy seem not to be in these people’s hearts. The snakes were placed in huge numbers together like something non-living.
Those of the snakes that still held to their lives. Had the worst coming their ways. They were being hanged and their bodies filled with water. This was done so as to stretch them to their best length. At this stage I don’t think any snake could withstand the cruelty. Pregnant snakes too, were not spared.
The involved parties didn’t seem to be bothered. It was business as usual for them. They didn’t see anything wrong with these procedures. Despite only getting a few dollars for the skins. Maybe they are yet to understand the impact of their actions .But until then, more snakes are in trouble.
It’s a possibility that people on the high rank of fashion knows nothing about this. They just order skins and pay their middlemen faithfully. Go ahead to make us these wonderful stuffs. But this should not be an excuse to let it go.
Have you contributed sub-consciously towards animals' cruelty
Have you contributed sub-consciously towards animals’ cruelty

Now that documentaries are bringing to our attention what really happens at the grass root. It’s time we took action. A small effort to investigate how your skin supply comes from, will save snakes from anguishing pain.

In that spirit, let’s ensure we keep off products made from the endangered species. Let’s not promote poaching out of ignorance.

Next time you go shopping for a new bag, remember this post.
Next time you go shopping for a new bag, remember this post.

Where do they hide before they become endangered.
Where do they hide before they become endangered.

TIK TOK, we need to act ASAP
TIK TOK, we need to act ASAP

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Hey, My name is Cheche Winnie and I love nature especially the wildlife. I strongly believe that the future generation should be allowed an opportunity to enjoy the current natural resources we have. As much as a lot has been lost, there's hope for a safe planet earth. Together we can help fight threats facing nature for a bright future.

10 Responses

    lynn May 29, 2018

    You’re providing great information and an important service here, and I hope you have a lot of success. Thanks for the follow – I’m glad to have seen your blog!

    chechewi May 30, 2018

    Thank you very much

    Terre May 30, 2018

    Nope. It is like meat, I eat it, but I don’t wanna know about it. That is why I can’t pick out a good cut of meat. In order to pick out a good cut you have to know where they come from. To know where it comes from they show you a picture of a cow — nope. Sorry. Don’t wanna know.

    chechewi May 30, 2018

    Okay. Thank you for your feedback.

    Jane Basil June 3, 2018

    This is a great post on a subject that most folks don’t want to think about – yet if we ignore it, we are more guilty than those who trade in leather. The murder only continues because there is a market for it. I wear only discarded, second-hand leather. I know some would say that I shouldn’t even do that, but I’m concerned for the environment. I buy second-hand when possible, to reduce carbon waste. I keep it until it is no longer serviceable, and I consider it a mark of respect to make the most of a product of an animal which has been killed for fashion.

    chechewi June 5, 2018

    Every effort made towards conservation counts and your contribution is very brilliant. Good job Jane. One day this message will sink in to all of us then we can unitedly save our wonderful nature and animals.


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    Yunni June 11, 2018

    oh Jesus. I am glad, I only like cow leather bags and not other. I hope the cow does not have the same experience as the snake.

    chechewi June 11, 2018

    There’s some good people who observe the set rules while killing these animals.


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