Importance of Kakamega Tropical Rain Forest

Kakamega Forest is a tropical rain-forest. Its located in Kakamega, Kenya. It’s believed to be the last remnant of the ancient Guineo-Congolian rain-forest.

This forest is found with the Kakamega National Reserve. Half of its trees are indigenous. The reserve has promoted its conservation. It has helped it against deforestation and illegal logging. But still needs help from the few cases.
Rain forest are considered to be the lungs of our planet. This is because they are responsible for the oxygen we breathe in. They are mainly located within the equator.

Goodness in a rain forest
Goodness in a rain forest

Importance of a tropical rain forest

  • They help fight climate change. By absorbing the carbon dioxide, they help reduce the global warming gases.
  • They give life to living organisms. They help to supply oxygen.
  • They prevent situation.
  • They provide food supply.
  • They provide habitat to both flora and fauna.
  • They provide resources such as the firewood.
  • They prevent flooding.
  • They are provide water from the large amounts of rainfalls.
  • They are a source of medication. Herbal plants are mainly found in rain forests.
  • They provide strong soil structure that prevents erosion.
  • They promote diversity.
  • They offer interesting sites to visit.

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