Celebrating Queen of Elephants (Kenya)

Celebrating Queen of Elephants (Kenya)

Celebrating Queen of Elephants (Kenya). An elephant that touched the lives of many through her incredible tusks. That were long enough to touch the ground while she walked.

Queen of Elephants

She passed away sometime back as a result of natural causes. Which is believed to have been contributed by her old age and drought currently being experienced where she lived. This dry season has really caused suffering to both the very young and old wildlife.

Her death found her in Tsavo, where she had managed to live for over sixty years.

She managed to escape premature death like some of her type. Which is resulted by poisoned arrows, snare and bullets. She survived all that and able to live her life to the old age. This is very rare, especially for elephants like her. That have that size of tusks.

We can say, it has been due to the combined efforts of various organizations and Kenya Wildlife Services. In protecting this species. As poachers continue to poach them for their ivory.

According to the lucky photographer, who managed to take her last photos. She was a calm elephant that even allow him to be too close to her.

What do we learn from Queen of elephants?

Her fame was attached to her incredible beautiful tusks. Most of us only managed to have a glimpse of her though her photos going round in the social media. Photos that have melted our hearts and allowed a chance to enjoy them on her.

It is evident that those tusks only looked well on her and not on how the ”bad” do with such. We were also happy that she managed to life her life to the fullest without having to suffer a premature death.

It’s also evident that if we can come together and do whatever needs to be done. We can surely have these species live to their old age. They will be no need for orphanage centers for baby elephants that have lost their mothers to poachers.

Tasvo is well known for its wonderful wildlife, especially wildlife. It has also had its shares with poachers who keep taking away their elephants through poaching. But Queen of elephants is one of their success and assuarance that for sure , they can manage to protect all their elephants.


May her death be a symbol to a new era for other elephants. Whereby they will manage to live for many years and only die from natural causes. And no more premature death as a result of human cruelity.

Ivory poaching is still a problem and threat, let us stay vigilant. Work towards protecting these precious species and transforming poachers/middlemen/buyers, etc.

Elephant Queen Photo courtesy of Burrard-Lucas (WILL BURRARD-LUCAS PHOTOGRAPHY)

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  1. What a beautiful creature she was and so regal. It seems that she walked with grace and glory. I am glad she got to live her entire life and wasn’t taken by those who would simply see her for her tusks. Thank you very kindly.

  2. AnElephant loves Queen of the Elephants.
    And he loves this blog about her.
    So now he loves Cheche too, and is happy that she visited his blog and is now following it.
    Mammoth hugs!


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