30 Day Challenge for a better and healthier planet, Buy energy efficient appliances

30 Day Challenge for a better and healthier planet, Buy energy efficient appliances

30 Day Challenge for a better and healthier planet, Buy energy efficient appliances. Not only will you make our planet better, but it will also save you some money.

Energy efficient appliances

These are appliances that are able to reduce the amount of energy they use to provide services and products.

Energy efficiency and renewable/clean energy go hand in hand. They both promote a better and healthier planet.

Production of energy has been contributing negatively to our planet. By producing greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.

Coal was one of the most used fossils to produce energy and gave us too much carbon in the process. That is why it’s being banned in more countries today.

Urbanization and civilization have made a huge number of our activities to need energy. We need the energy to do and produce almost everything in our daily lives.

From cooking our food, warming our home, cooling us down when temperatures go to the higher end, entertainment, saving lives, making great things happen, and many others.

Energy is part of our life, hence energy efficient appliances is a great move to embrace.

No one loves paying bills. So if presented with an idea that can help to reduce that burden. What will make you not welcome the idea?

What to consider why shopping for the energy efficient appliances

  • Look for appliances with energy saving settings or labels. In the spirit of saving energy, companies are manufacturing appliances with these requirements. And ensure to educate its clients on the same.
  • Go for the right size. Not too big or too small. If need be, ask for expert assistance from the seller. By giving them the finer details on your goal while purchasing these appliances.
  • Investigate on how those appliances work. Not the reviews people are paid to write, but genuine blogs that explain people’s experience. While using these devices. Or on they help you to compare them based on your needs.
  • Consider its maintenance cost. What will it cost you to enjoy its services and products? Is it something that you will be able to manage comfortably and save energy?


Saving energy is important to both our pockets and environment.

In the journey of making our planet better and healthier, let us ensure that we use clean energy efficiently. Whatever appliances that don’t adhere to that, its time to replace them. And ensure to dispose of them correctly.

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