Help Them Understand

Help Them Understand

Help Them Understand, without using abusive statements or unspeakable acts. Get the message out there, make a follow-up to know if it was well understood and look for ways to help them embrace what you are trying to make them understand.

You can get them to understand without creating a scene

In our so-called democratic governments, we have been allowed a good number of freedoms. That some people end up abusing.

Just because they don’t get the concept, you don’t have to call them names. Or giving sarcastic negative jokes about them all over the place. It’s not a good way of handling differences.

We all disagree to agree at some point in life. And the only way to have a happy ending for everyone is when we are allowed to peacefully understand each other’s side.

Shouting or screaming out names towards each other. Only makes you look bad and escalate the situation.

Most of the time, we do wrong stuff out of ignorance. We have no idea of the negative impacts of our actions. Information and understanding mostly work to help us correct our actions.

Climate Change case

Climate change has been hit by different challenges, and we seem to make things worst. As much as it is a matter of life and death. We need to first ensure that we are on the same page.

Its a complicated issue yet to be fully understood by many on our planet. People still need to be helped in understanding what it really entails and how they can be of positive help.

The human-induced climate change factors involved the economic activities undertaken by humans. Activities that they use to pay their bills, feed their families and survive on. So before we condemn them, we should always put that in mind.

Understand that they are humans, just like you, trying to make the world a better place. But with insufficient knowledge of their impacts. By helping them understand the consequences of their actions, and offering an alternative. It will promote a solution to both of you.

Let’s stop condemning, and start teaching/ creating awareness. It’s sad seeing people throwing big bad words to each, to try to make a point. And you end up wondering, who is better of the two.


We all love life, that’s why most of us are afraid of death. No one will do anything knowingly that will endanger their lives. Unless they are trying to commit suicide.

If we stopped for a minute and laid down the facts right. We can manage to accomplish something positive and productive in our broken planet.

Put the message in the simplest and relatable way, and it will be embraced positively. It will make them curious and want to know more. And eventually able to understand why they should change their way of living.

Abusive language is not a way of passing the message out there. Let’s us embrace humane ways to pass the message.

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