What is your Conservation Story?

Everyone has a story, then we have the conservation one. What is your conservation story? Do you have something that would help us solve the many problems our planet is facing? Something that would help slow down the negative vibe, and help us turn in the direction. Or even better, have an innovation/style/ways that provide alternatives to the actions/products harming our planet. Even, a simple ritual/practice or what nature does to you.

The Concerned and Proactive Ones

They have been working on solutions, trying out anything that could provide a solution to climate change. For a while, resources have been hard to come along for them. Most failed to believe in them, while most didn’t really understand what they were doing. Or why they are doing it.

This may have caused hardship along the way, but most of them eventually or are on the way to help more people understand them.

This is seen on the available grants, loan plans, platforms to tell their stories, and even recognized for their commitments.

With that said, we still have many that need their story told.

The Story Tellers

These are my favourites, as they use their skills to help the message get home.

They understand that information is key, and people deserve to be well informed.

Unlike, the traditional schooling styles. They have manipulated social media to help them drive points home, educate people and even communicate to leaders.

They have chosen not to be voiceless, despite not being heard for a while. Their persistence has helped changed many people:s minds and perceptions towards social media as an important tool of communication.


We need to hear these stories, and combine our different efforts together.

The unity will provide hybrid results that will eventually help us in this fight against climate change.

When we get to learn of different solutions working in different areas, we are able to try them in other areas. Brainstorm together and get more solutions. But most importantly, fight climate change and other problems as a team.

Tackling any problem as a team, is much easier and effective. Afterall, two heads are better than one.

Don’t allow your story to remain within you, but share it out. Be ready to positively influence those around you and the ones far away. Get to know of new ideas that could work once marinated with your existing ideas/solutions.

Look for institutions/organizations/peers / etc, that work on the same things that interest you. Get to mingle and learn from them. And present your awesomeness, who knows. You may be the one holding solutions we have been looking for.

Don’t assume that you may not make sense, or may not be heard. Just do it. And if they fail to hear you at first, keep doing so till they do. But don’t allow your story to remain in the shadows.

I hope to read these stories soon. Cheers!!!

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