It is the fourth largest island on earth and is located off the southeast coast of Africa.

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Its vegetation consists of reefs, rain forest and beach.
Mammals, reptiles and amphibians found in Madagascar are 98% unique to this island and not found anywhere else in the world.
It is a home to unique ancient primate known as Lemur. This primate did not evolve from monkeys but evolved independently. They are only found in the wild and have never been exposed to captivity. This wonderful primate is endemic to this island.
Lemur have nocturnal and slow pace behaviour. Being a nocturnal, they have a keen sense of hearing. They have strong incisors that enable them to open up logs while searching for insects to feed on.  They are very thorough and can find literally everything they get their mind to look for. They have very long fingers that helps them in feeding and grabbing.  

Unfortunately, Lemur are considered a bad omen by the surrounding communities within the island. This is due to their nocturnal and slow pace behaviour. They are mostly targeted and killed a lot. This action has claimed a big part of lemur population. This is total lack of information and knowledge of the animal by the communities. The community needs to be sensitised and educated on such animals.

Most animals in Africa face similar threat by being labelled as bad omen. It is a very dangerous misfortune to our wildlife since these people are the ones who interact with them on a daily basis. If they have the wrong information then something has to be done before they wipe out the precious innocent wildlife.
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  1. Interesting right after you speak of bad omens, you have a picture of an owl. I also have a home in Panama, and the local superstition consider the owl a bad omen. Same with the native Americans here in my area of Washington…Weird. I just love em.

  2. The only way to counteract these beliefs and superstitions is education, even though it is difficult to change people’s minds about something that they and their ancestors have believed for a very long time.

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