As Humans, how do we get a balance between wildlife conservation and community welfare.Humans have been the major threat and cause of nature/environment problems.

This is due to various factors such as:

  • Need for space for the rapidly growing population.
  • High poverty levels.
  • Starvation.
  • Industrialisation and urbanisation.
  • Developments.
  • Among others

As days goes by , things are getting complicated and sophisticated. More developments being practised. In need to have a “better” life. Which sometime does the opposite.
As we embraced new technologies, life became easier and cheap but expensive to our environment. Environment was never taken into account while making such decisions until it was too late.
Things have changed, nowadays each developer has to assess their impact on the environment before undertaking any projects. Organisations were set up as well to make sure this is adhered to. And also responsible to come up with laws and ways that can help rejuvenate our environment.

It’s not all of us who agree or adhere to these rules due to different reasons. That is:

  • Lack of knowledge about environment conservation.
  • Lack of understanding and appreciation of the nature conservation.
  • Corruption and lack of political good will.
  • Lack of alternatives to their negative actions.
  • Just to name a few.

Can conservation education and awareness help change their mind?

You will easily protect or fight for something you love. And you can only love something you understand well about. Or able to relate to.
If we are able to help the local communities appreciate wildlife, they will be able to find ways to co-exist with them. They will be able to manage or approach human-wildlife conflicts in a better way.
Wildlife has no brains but we do have.So its our job to ensure the co-existence is successful. It will mean we do the following:

  • Stop encroaching wildlife land and respect wildlife space.
  • Fight against land grabbing and fragmentation of conservation areas.
  • Stop poaching and hunting wildlife for any given reasons.
  • Plant more trees and participate in re-forestation.
  • Invest in man-made forests.
  • Practise environmental friendly developments projects.
  • Come up with tough laws to protect nature.

Each of us take different time and angle to understand stuff. So they will be some who will take a little longer to transform. But we have to keep encouraging them rather than condemning them.
Kids have the best shot of transforming our society. By exposing them to environment studies and importance. They will be able to spread the same to their parents and the other adults.As well as grow up understanding importance of conserving the environment.

“It is easier to build up a child than it is to repair an adult. Choose your words wisely”

wildlife share same citizenship as humans

Wildlife are not lesser or minor citizens. Just because they can not speak out for themselves. They have equal rights just like the rest of us. Its time we stopped oppressing them.
While we fight for better roads, developments and cheap living. We have to consider them too.
Wildlife brings huge return in terms of revenue from tourism. Most of this revenue should be used to better living conditions of the wildlife. Unlike humans, wildlife only need us to respect and not interfere with their environment.
They don’t need tarmac roads or internet. When we allow them have their own space, nature has a way of healing itself.

So the balance will be attained once we work on all these gaps and all shall be well. We have to live happily together without hurting anyone.

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