The worrying “Poisonous” fish in Lake Nakuru

Apparently, the fish from Lake Nakuru is poisonous. Hence not fit for human consumption. Am still worried, since I enjoyed some while visiting the new “beaches”. Plus the people there have been consuming the fish for almost a year now. I don’t know what risk, we may have subjected ourselves to.

What needs to be done

The availability of fish in the lake provided a new means of income to the neighborhood. As well as a source of protein, easily accessible to the community.

Fish can sometimes get really expensive, especially if the source is outside a locality. Before Lake Nakuru had fish, people in Nakuru depended on fish from other towns. Most people, especially those who were not familiar with this source of protein. Stayed away from it. Its easy access and abundance made it easy and welcomed.

Everyone got an opportunity to add a new source of protein to their diet, at an affordable rate.

It also provided a new source of income. People were able to get fish at a relatively low price from the fishermen. Hence able to make some coins from reselling them.

With this said, lots of awareness needs to happen. To enable people to understand the urgency of letting go of the new profound food and income making venture.

They need to understand the health risks that may be stalling back at them.

Community awareness is vital

What we can learn from this incidence, is the importance of community awareness.

We should have done the neccesary researchs, as soon as the new occurence of fish in a salty lake happenned. With schools closed, the various media instruments would have been utilized to caution people.

At the moment, we may not know or comprehend what damage has been caused by the consumption of poisonous fish. It may take a while to show, but it will eventually show. And the outcome may end up being too costly and/or life-threatening.

We should be more of preventive measures, as oppossed to curative. By always trying to be ahead of disasters.


Am still worried for myself, my family and all who have consumed the fish from the lake. We have no idea of what we may have exposed our bodies to, but we will just hope for the best.

Lets continue to spread caution to those who are still consuming fish from the said lake.

12 thoughts on “The worrying “Poisonous” fish in Lake Nakuru”

  1. The question is, are they really poisonous? How did one find out, and will there be a report published? I mean, it is, of course, better to stay away from that fish right now, but that statement should be proven, should it not?

        • Yes, although such research should have been done as soon as the fish appeared in the lake. The lake had no fish before the floodings started, so that was a good reason to do some research and sensitize the community. It’s also high time, we took serious measures to those who continue to use water bodies as their dumpsites. The consequences are being felt by everyone, and they are gradually becoming life-threatening.


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