How Forests Help Man

Yes, that’s right. How do forests help men? Not you helping forests. It’s important to always understand that. We have somehow lied to ourselves, about how we need to save our planet. Yet. it’s more of saving it from ourselves. Because, if we were to boycott all negative activities that affect our planet. She will find her way back to a healthy state.

This week we use students view, on how forest are important to humanity. An essay competition was arranged by the Young Muslim Association. Allowing students to express their take, when it comes to how we value our environment.

Young Muslim Association

I would first show my appreciation and gratitude to the YMA director, for allowing me to share their amazing work with our readers.

It’s one of the groups I have been falling in love with lately. They are just incredible and unique. Am so happy to finally get to know some of its participants on a personal level. From the conservations, you can clearly feel their commitment and devotion towards a healthy Kenya.

Their ability to mold the youth into this amazing group that respects their creator and environment. Help them grow their passion for a green world, and help the needy. Is one combination that is rare. Thumbs up YMA, I salute you.

The top Essays from the competition

Abdiaziz Aduallhi

He recognized the great value forest hold to both humans and animals. Pointing out that forests:

  • Controls and protects soil erosion by providing the needed ground cover by slowing down water movement. Going further to highlight the negative effects of soil erosion.
  • Provide habitat and food to wildlife.
  • Important for water catchment protection, valuable to domestic uses, agriculture, industrial uses, and other ecological needs.
  • Prevents natural disasters such as landslides, floods, and drought.
  • Provides raw materials for human use. And reminded us of the need to always plant and grow more trees.
  • Its role in reducing pollution and climate change.
  • Important for silkworm and beekeeping farming.

Abdi Shalle

He sees forests as our best friends for cleaning the air we need to be alive. Recognizing that they also clean our water and soil. Reminding us that people who live close to the forest tend to be healthier, physically fit, and happier.

Urging each of us to look after our trees not as a favor but necessity while saving our planet. Goes o to point out what forests gives us, including:

  • Fruits that are vital for good health.
  • Prevents soil erosion.
  • Provides medicinal value.

Abdiwahab Moulid Mohamed

He is generous enough to help us understand the term environment. After which, he tells us the importance of trees including:

  • Oxygen – Explains how it is manufactured by plants for our survival.
  • Food – exploring its benefits to our bodies.
  • Shelter for both humans and wildlife
  • Timber and other raw materials.
  • Rainfall- which needs us to plant trees timely.
  • Discouraging disposing of unwanted materials carelessly. Talking more about the greenhouse gases and their effects on our atmosphere.
  • Elaborates more on biogas, and how it’s produced.

Husni Mubarak

He clearly points out that we all depend on our forests for survival. Pointing out forest’s importance, including:

  • Habitat for both humans and wildlife.
  • Offer watershed protection
  • Prevents soil erosion
  • Mitigate climate change (He is sad that despite all these enefits, we are allowing the forests to disappear).
  • Source of indigenous consumptions (Points out that they are threatened by unsustainable uses)
  • Source of gum, oils, and resins.
  • Ecological important
  • Raw materials
  • Windbreaker
  • Capture and store water

He also asks us very thoughts provoking questions. “Who is a man without the forests? How can a man survive without the forests?”

Sudeys Abdinoor

He explains what the forest are. Pointing out that man needs forest for survival.

Forest importance pointed by him included:

  • Wood and firewood
  • Oxygen
  • Windbreaker
  • Food
  • Shelter and habitat for both humans and wildlife
  • Shade
  • Forage for livestock
  • Raw materials for industries
  • Source of gums, oils, and resins
  • Source of indigenous consumptions
  • Control soil erosion
  • Source of rainfall
  • Rearing of silkworms and beekeeping


As you tell, these students clearly understand the importance of trees to humans.

Have you learnt something new? I hope so, and that you have been inspired like myself.

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  1. Very inspired by the young writers. Thanks Winnie. It’s indeed a beautiful and inspirational piece.💚🌱


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