Clean Up and Lion Lights Installation at Naretunoi Conservancy

All kinds of pollutions continue to terrorize our environment, such activities like cleanups help reduce waste poorly left unattended. Cleanups have a way of reminding us that we have solutions to many problems we have created for our planets. On this particular day, I was walking that path.

Met incredible young men and women

It was a joint event by various youth groups, committed to bring back a healthier nation.

It was encouraging to see a youth ready to sacrifice their weekend for nature, wildlife, and community. They woke up very early, traveled from far (different towns), and ready to collect the waste.

The cold and rain didnt seem to bother them, they were eager to get to work.

From our meeting point, we needed a few minutes to get to the conservancy. Once everyone made it t the meeting point, we headed for the conservancy. There was a little bonding for those we have been chatting online but never met physically. It was to put a face to the online family. It was an incredibly awesome feeling.

Introductions and teams

We were welcomed by friendly employees of the conservancy and given a little history of the place. We were told of the activities, benefits to the community, and ongoing projects. We were also allowed to introduce ourselves, before being served an amazing tea. Sadly I forgot to inquire about the recipe, as it was one of the sweetest tea I have ever consumed. Not forgetting sweet snacks brought by lovely ladies.

We were divided into two groups, and each team accompanied by a ranger and leader from the conservancy.

We equiped ourselves with gloves and sacks, ready for the job that had brought us there.

The adventure began

Its didn’t take us long before the waste starting showing off. The plastics were everywhere, and for a minute I wondered. How did all these plastics make its way into the forests.

The conservancy is neighbourhood to a growing eastate, and the effects are evident. With streams and rivers passing through human settlements, they carried the waste with them.

The plastic bottles had sand, and we had to empty them so as to light for transportation.

It was more of a hiking and lots of bending. It was one hell of an activity. The acacia and some weeds were not forgiving, but we had to do the job. The ants decide to teach lessons to those who didn’t pay much attention to their presence. As much as they may have created panic in the affected, we made a little fun out of the incidences.

These small laughs and dedication fueled us, making it doable.

Light showers were still there and our shoes were bust collecting mud. At some point, I seriously thought that I will be heading back home shoeless. My sole seemed to be giving up and separating from the upper part of the shoe. Luckily, we survived.

After several hours of hiking through the forest, collecting waste, it was time to head back to the conservancy. We were able to meet several wildlife and one particular troop of baboons seems to have liked us. They followed us throughout the cleanup, but never harmed us.

More bonding and semi debates

We finally made it back to the conservancy, after literally dragging ourselves and the heavy waste collected. I have never been so happy to make it to the finish line.

We had to wait for the other team, and therefore made ourselves busy sharing on the various pollutions we each encounter in our daily lives. I was happy to witness an ambitious group of young people pointing out problems and solutions to what our environment is going through.

The talks turned into semi deates and each one was readily equipped presenting their points. I learnt alot and happy that more people were ecoming concious about a green future.

The other team finally arrived, our muslims brothers & sisters prayers and we enjoyed our lunch.

By the way, the teams included:

  • – Kenya EnvironmentalActivists Network
  • @yma_kenya – Young Muslims Associations
  • @sisters_of_yma_ – Sisters to Young Muslims Associations
  • – ConneQt
  • @kokniyouthnairobi – Koni Nairobi Organization
  • @thewildlifefoundation_ke – The Wildlife Foundation
  • @blue_earth_organization – Blue Earth Organization

Please do follow them o Instagram and witness the amazing jobs they are doing

Time to install Lion Lights

After enjoying our lunch, bonding and resting, it was time to install the lion lights.

We walked to the nearby bomas, where we installed the lion lights.

We were enlightened about these amazing lights and how they have saved lions that stray into human settlements.

We were happy to know that the community no longer kill the lions , and their livestock is safe.

The lion lights have been improved over time , getting better and helpful to both wildlife and community.

The flashing of the lights make lions think that its someone moving around, hence avoid the place.

Sadly, it was time to head back home

Dark was approaching, reminding us that the day was over and it was time to head back home.

Strangers turned into friends and partnerships were created. We promised to do more of this, and am looking forward to it.

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