Game Drive at the Nairobi National Park with Young Muslims Association

I got to know and mingle with Young Muslims Association during COVID, and the rest is history. I have been able to volunteer with them in some of their events, did a project with them, and not enjoyed a game drive, courtesy of their Secretary-general.


Volunteering helps you make good use of your weekends, reminds you to be grateful for what you have or don’t have, meet new people, and even make new friends.

Never a dull moment while volunteering.

We were also given some cool certificates on top of a game drive. Now you see why YMA turned into my favorite organization to volunteer with.

Full of discipline and dedicated volunteers, who sacrifice their all to be resourceful. Where judgments have no home, and everyone appreciates everyone.

Dafina was not left out either, they ensured we were well fed during the game drive.

My crazy friends were the secret recipe

If you follow me on Instagram, you might already have met them.

Sumaiya, Fazeela, Joy, and Fatma are some of my most crazily awesome friends. Who makes everything fun to be in. Jokes and laughs are a must. And those who happen to be with us, have no choice but to join our craziness.

We never waste any opportunity to be happy and laugh it out. Just the same way, we cry together as we fight for our planet.

These moments are what push us forward when we have no reason or energy to even smile. These memories provide us with hope and reason to keep moving. We understand that sometimes, we may be unable to do anything. We may need that rest, a good cry, or even a few offline days. But we have to keep going. Giving up is not part of our vocabulary, and we know we have each other when things get HOT.

The BIG cats loved us, just like our little cats back at home

This was the very first game drive that I got to see ten lions during the same game drive.

Sumaiya, Fazeela, and I love cats, we each have them at home. And they have soft spots in our hearts.

So, when the big cats decided to show us, love. This was a big deal. Somehow, we didn’t care that we failed to spot other predators like leopards.

Our driver was also in agreement, that our game drive was one of a kind.

The crazy us are easy people to mingle with. And all who taste that, always wanna meet us again. You too should try, and prove me right.

Meet and Greet

The event was primarily meant for Meet and Greet among YMA volunteers. As we sometimes fail to meet as we attend different events. Also as we volunteer, we end up being busy, and not necessarily catching up.

This event helped us, to mingle, have fun, and get to know each other.

I was happy to meet the other volunteers. Got to know a little about them and share some funny stories.


You don’t have to be bored at home, look for any organization allowing volunteer opportunities, and join them.

Your weekends or even weekdays will not be the same.

There’s some extraordinary peace and joy in offering services to others.

To YMA, and my crazy friends, looking forward to a more crazily fun new year. Thank you for making my year awesome and meaningful.

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