The River Is flowing again

Two years ago, I visited this river that used to be our rescue when we were experiencing water shortage at school. Back then, it was full of life, and you have to be extra careful not to be carried away. It did carry away buckets, clothes, and jugs. But luckily, all students remained safe throughout the whole time we depended on it. It even had mudfish and other water species. Here is the first post I did in 2018.

Nature has a way to resurrect

We are continuously told to allow time time, or sometime told that time heals everything.

I have come to believe this. Nothing is permanent if your purpose to make it change. The problem comes in when we try to avoid hard work.

Nature, on the other hand, is patient. As soon as she gets what she needs to flourish, she does so unapologetically.

When the rift valley lakes started to be reported to be flooding. I was optimistic that my beloved river will definitely come back to life.

I was to visit it, a while back but corona with the lockdowns, I had to wait. And when the opportunity finally came. I didn’t hesitate but made my way to confirm my hopes.


The river is now flowing

My hopes were confirmed, the surrounding was richly green and the water sound made everything sound so romantic.

It’s a long hiking distance since i decided to go on foot, by the sight of water made me forget all the exhaustion. I was very happy to see water flow on the once very dry river bed.

My brother enlightened me, that the water volume had reduced compared to a few months away. He said the river was deeper and water volumes very high. In that, no one could manage to cross the river.

The Gorge

The Gorge

The reduced water volumed allowed us to hike through the gorge but not for a very long distance. We were stopped by a huge amount of water that we could not hike through. We tried poking with sticks, and it was clear it was a deep end.

We had to enjoy the water sound and humidity from the few meters away.

For some minutes, we sat there enjoying the view. Appreciating what nature had done.


This is one of the things I can say made my 2020 better.

From it I continued to learn that nothing is really permanent. Time will tell and heals almost everything.

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