Nelly Gesare: Plastic Free Champion

What are you doing to fight/curb plastic pollution? Nelly Gesare producing items we can use to replace the plastic in our lives. Is that cool and exactly what we need in our current pollution.

She focuses on Green Economy And Sustainable Development Goals. She helps you understand the big words surrounding the famous SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), as well as the plastic world. Making it so easy to relate with the eco-friendly solutions.

I first encountered her on Instagram, enlightening us about the bamboo toothbrush. She even taught us how to use the paste tabs, and how to responsibly dispose of the toothbrush. Is that cool? How many of today’s manufacturers bother to educate s on how to handle their products once done with them?

Action needed for a better planet

Nelly is a good example of climate action and SDGs. She breaks everything for us, to understand, appreciate, be part of and influence more.

She accompanies her products with vital information on how to save our planet. Reminding us that we only have this planet as our home, hence the need to protect it. Her language is well simplified, hence digestible by the general public. You don’t need to be in the environmental field to understand her. You just need to be curious enough to understand the eco-friendly life.

Sometimes we spread information in complicated words or activism voicing. Forgetting that we need more people to understand what we are advocating for, for a change needed to be effective. We need the consumers to understand why they have to avoid fast fashion, eliminate disposable plastics, consume locally produced food, or embrace minimalism.

Climate change consequences have been felt widely, but sadly despite all the protests and activism. We have a big number of people yet to understand climate change and their contribution. It’s still strange to them, and a bit confused. Allowing greenwashing to prosper within us.

Make it simple and interesting

Climate action is required from all of us, each of us has a role to play and collection actions is paramount.

The transport industry has been blamed for contributing to the rising carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. We have been urged to embrace cycling, carpooling, and the use of public transportation. So as to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

This requires the transport industry to be remodeled and acceptable to all. Once the public understands this and embraces the suggestion. They will push for better public transport means and advocating for better greener means of movement.

In Nairobi, the highways have started embracing the cycle lanes and big buses that can accommodate more people. But we still have many who prefer the conveniences of using private means. This is because public means have been associated with pickpockets, bedbugs, rude personnel, and all forms of negative energy. These are what has pushed many who have capabilities to opt for a personal car or use of cabs.

How do we change all these and help them embrace a greener movement? The way Nelly handles talks around eliminating plastic from our lives is the same way needed to convince us to better public means so as to reduce the emissions.

The big words may be too complicated and jargon to many, hence the limited support from the public.


As we continue to champion greening Kenya, we should also ensure that the existing trees are protected and untouchable. We should be able to speak up against actions pulling us back when it comes to climate action.

Developments should no longer be given an upper handle, at expense of our lives. Our environment protection should be taken seriously, and adhered to. We already have laws protecting our environment, but people, companies, and leaders continue to destroy our environment untouched.

We need more people like Nelly, who not only helps us embrace the green economy. But always helps us to understand the main goal. Which is saving our planet.

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