Plastic-Free Bathrooms

Plastic-Free July continues, and today we explore plastic-free bathrooms. Remembering that we are not after perfection, but rather progress. 

After kitchens, bathrooms happen to be one of the most flooded places with plastics. Lucky for us, we have been provided eco-friendly options by our creative friends. 

These includes:

  • Wooden toothbrushes: We now have a bamboo toothbrush that you just dispose of in the garden for decomposition after use. You have to remember to remove the bristles, as they are plastic. Unlike our regular plastic toothbrushes, these do decompose. 

While on this, how frequently do you replace your toothbrush?

  • Tooth tabs/paste: The toothpaste tubes can be a menace in our environment. The tabs come in eco-friendly containers like glass, which could accommodate refills. Eliminating the need for the tubes, that can not be reused. There is also an option to make your own paste at home, ingredients are easily available online. Why not explore that option and make your own paste? Or give the tabs a shot?
  • Shampoo bar: They eliminate the many shampoo bottles that we end up adding to our environment. They give the same results as the bottled ones, although some say they are way better. Eliminating the spillage incidences, or the last parts that get stuck at the very bottom. 

Others include:

  • Home-made body scrubbers
  • DIY perfumes and creams
  • DIY air fresheners
  • Reusable makeup remover
  • Among others


That natural hair loss after combing comes in handy for plants, they provide important nutrients. So stop throwing it in the trash, but instead feed it to your plants. 


We have a wide range of eco-friendly options to choose from. A little research and trial go a long way in the fight against plastic pollution. 

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