Plastic-Free July

How is your Plastic-free July fairing? Any progress yet? Any new alternatives or DIYs you could share with us?

We are after progress and not perfection. That’s why every single solution towards less plastic is 100% welcomed. No single effort is being neglected. Since we are learning while at it. Mistakes are allowed and taken as lessons.

Plastic-free Picnics

We had been locked up for a while, unable to see each other physically. But places are slowly opening up, and people are reminded to be cautious as the virus is still here with us.

These have made people appreciate picnics, where they can finally meet their friends, catch up with colleagues, bond with family, and even make new friends.

Takeaways for a long time were preferred for picnics. This meant lots of single-use plastic cutlery That lost meaning after 15 minutes of use. And discarded into the environment for many years.

We now appreciate home-cooked meals, and always happy to allow others to enjoy our amazing recipes.

We have eco-friendly and reusable cutlery that we can carry with us, to our picnics.

From the ones made from bamboo, steel, or even using our clean hands.

Reusable water bottles and mugs

Some of us are back to work from the office.

Some coffee shops have introduced reusable mugs, which might come out as expensive at first. But we have to remember that, it only applies so during the first visit. Then afterward, you will just be buying coffee/tea.

You could alternatively shop your own reusable mug from the various shops we have out there.

It will also help you think of making your own coffee from home, saving you some money. We know how these beverages can be expensive.

We are dehydrating, hence need oof water wherever we are. Reusable water bottles allow you to have clean water, whenever you need it.

You get to dehydrate as needed at a fair price. Bottled water, just like the fancy coffee /tea, can be expensive.


So we have explored ways we could avoid single-use plastics in our workplaces and picnics.

The goal is to reduce our plastic consumptions and invest more in eco-friendly products.

What are you exploring in this plastic-free July?

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