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Goodbye Joannah Stutchbury

Goodbye Joannah Stutchbury

They Killed her for Fighting for Our Environment

It has been a sad week and a scary one. One of our environment defenders Joannah was shot and left for dead at her home.

We are yet to see anyone arrested, although the president has requested an investigation of the same. She is among many of the environmentalists killed for their passion for the environment.

It is getting scary and lonely, but we don’t have an option. We need to gather the remaining strength and continue fighting for what we believe in.

Is fighting for our environmental protection a crime? Is life no longer important to us, that cold deaths continue to be many among us.

Unfortunately, I had not had an opportunity to interact with her in person. But from her work, her love for nature is vivid.

During her virtual tribute, friends, family, and colleagues narrated their relationship and memories. That’s when the reality seriously kicked in. And I realized I have been taking this freedom of speech for granted, without really realizing that I may not that free after all.

She did everything in line with the law and even worked with some government bodies in protecting our environment. For years now, but the cowards still killed her and are freely roaming somewhere.

There’s no room for giving up, but anxiety and fear are at high levels. Our environment still needs us, and we still need to call out those promoting its degradation.

Joannah, as scary as it may be, we shall keep fighting for what you did all those years gifted to you on this planet. We really hope that her killers will one day get what they deserve. May you rest in power.

Goodbye Joannah Stutchbury 😢

11 thoughts on “Goodbye Joannah Stutchbury”

  1. Oh my goodness I am so sorry to hear about this. It is so shocking. Stay strong and be bold, you are fighting a very good and important cause. I pray for you all. 🙏💖

  2. That is so awful. I am so very sorry that this has happened. My heart goes out to you and all those who knew and loved her. May peace and strength be with you. ❤️

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