Do You Know What You Are Wishing For?

Have you ever wished for something so bad, that you ended up doing everything you can? Only to regret the wish and wish you could reverse the whole thing? They are fancily termed as mistakes, which we use for growth and learning. But they don’t have to be first hand, you can always learn from people around you.

Deforestation has become a threat to both wildlife and humans

Forests continue to suffer from logging and clearing to give way to developments, humans settlements among others.

This is despite all the warnings given on the effects of cutting down the trees. We continue being advised and urged to plant and grow more trees, in the attempt to increase more forest cover. But are we on the same page in all these? Do we really understand why we need trees among us? Do we appreciate the existing forest cover? And ready to protect it, no matter what? Or are we yet to come to terms with.

Cities have been notorious for cutting trees in the name of developments, only to spend millions planting fake grass and flowers to impress high-level leaders. To “paint” the picture of a fake green city. Why should we lose all these funds, for a few seconds impression while we continue to suffer from air pollution?

When will we learn from those who failed to take care of the environment, and now suffering the consequences? Or worst for those who didn’t contribute to any of this but still feeling the climate change nightmare.

At this point, we should not have anyone suggesting cutting down of any tree anywhere on our planet. Instead we should be busy finding ways to grow more and give room to more trees.

Trees are never a source of insecurity, humans are

Its sad when you see almost a whole community push for clearing of a forest, in the name of security. The solution is not clearing the trees, we need to address unemployment, strengthen nyumba umi initiative or even have a police post in that forest.

Nairobians get robbed practically everywhere, and we have no forest near us. People will watch you unconcerned as thieves take everything from you. It’s a society we built with time. You will suffer heat and almost suffocation while stuck in traffic. Since opening your windows, may see your valuables gone within seconds.

Leaders should make an effort to always have environmental needs at heart while making decisions or even talking to their people. Turning people against the environment is unfair to the community and humanity. As much as you may need votes and yes from the people, don’t make wrong decisions in the process of securing that.

Yes to Green, Is Yes to Humanity

Growing trees is good, but safe guarding the existing forests is way better.

We are grateful for the awesome speeches around growing trees, the seedlings donation and even support. But can the same energy be seen in protecting our forests?

Climate change has no time for all of us to be comfortable with the idea. It continues to affect lives, take away species from us, and worst make the planet unbearable to live in. We only have one planet and greed no longer serves anyone. Rich and poor, we are all feeling the heat.

Creating awareness around climate adaptation and mitigation will help save what is left, and allow us to adjust to these changes. We have excellent legislation set to protect our environment, can we adhere to that?

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  1. The Amazon forests the most significant and decreasing the fastest. As you say, not everyone is a plunderer, but all suffer. And the poor suffer more.


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