Guest Post: East Africa and Kenya Safaris – How to Make Your Trip Eco-Friendly by James Gatheru

Traveling eco-friendly is very important for our planet. Carbon dioxide emissions from transport such as aviation and cars contribute significantly to global warming.

We have to be responsible for the environment if we want to maintain a beautiful world. After all, we still want the stories on the wildlife to be relatable and not history in 50 years.

Nature should be conserved not only for our today’s life but for generations to come. It does not cost much to conserve the environment, and neither does it require lessons. It only calls for one’s commitment to doing what’s right.

Taking care of the environment could appear overwhelming. It involves straightforward steps from avoiding plastics to journaling that make you more present to the domain you are in.

Take out your journal and note the few things that will make your stay comfortable and take care of the environment.

Let us dive right into it:

Choose Travel Agencies that are Eco-friendly and Sustainable

Social media and technology at large have made it easier for us to learn how to travel efficiently and in our comfort. Some individuals record their experiences, and we are also able to learn through them.

When looking at such reviews, always consider the Travel Agent in Kenya that is team green. This proves that the agency has considered almost all of your needs.

De-Clutter that Packing List

In a real sense, packing is a skill, managing to pick out what will sustain you on your trip and not forgetting essential items. It is important to pack lightly, considering essentials only.

This means your back will be safe, and traveling will be easier. Air travels recommend light packages; carrying heavy luggage makes the plane heavier, thus high fuel consumption. We do not want to be destroying the air with carbon dioxide, so always remember to pack lightly.

Carry Reusable Bottles and More Eco-Friendly Products

Plastic bags and anything plastic is an insult to green lovers. They were banned in Kenya, and this has created an eco-friendly environment. Whenever you’re on a trip, it’s better to carry your products, such as reusable water bottles that you can refill to avoid having disposable plastic water bottles. 

You can also carry your lotion and avoid using some from the hotel. In doing so, you’ll be reducing the waste materials left at the hotel, thus reducing the waste heap.

Car-Pool for Game Drive

Game drives are the highlight when it comes to any kind of safari. They determine the type of review you give a traveling experience. Avoid using many cars when you are on a game drive. One reason is to avoid distracting the animals. Secondly, it helps in environmental conservation by reducing the number of carbon emissions.

Use a big car such as Toyota Land Cruisers to house several people instead of using two or three personal vehicles. Also, the car has features that allow you to stand and view nature from the top and take photos.

Additionally, the car is hardy and breezes over bumps and potholes. It is a good off-roader and does not know any harsh road conditions. Some people refer to it as the muscle of everyday living.

When going on a game drive, choose an agency or hotel that offers the best traveling services and is conscious of environmental conservation.

Walking and Biking

Various traveling agencies have different packages for activities during the trip; hot air ballooning, hiking, and biking are just a few. When planning a budget Camping Safari in Kenya, you can select the activities you want at a fair deal.

You should always go for activities that reduce carbon prints. This means renting a taxi is not an option in case you want to go green. One can meet new people in such activities and make new friends. Some activities make you get along with friends on the trip; you may decide to collect trash and clean your surroundings.

The outfit you wear is also a significant consideration when packing; dress in neutral colors to avoid distracting the animals.  Avoid wearing traditional safari khaki colors, heels, or sandals. Always go for boots and sneakers.

Just like any new behavior needs work and time, so is becoming eco-friendly. It is a journey that’s worthwhile and quite adventurous.

Parting Shot

When traveling, look at the bigger picture of conserving the planet. Don’t hold on to the misconception that many people hold, that when you travel responsibly, you have to give up on something.

Traveling responsibly means appreciating the place you are visiting and caring for the environment for people living there and the coming generation.

About the Author

James Gatheru: Managing Director AJ Kenya Safaris,

James, 28, is a seasoned safari director with tons of experience in the tourism sector. He has been part of the team since joining the company in (2014), a journey he has so far so well described as life-changing. Born and raised in Kenya, James is what you would describe as a triple threat; skilled, knowledgeable, and good at what he does. He loves the ocean, “therapeutic,” he says. The animals running unrestricted in the wild, in his own words, free his spirit. He claims to have never seen anything as captivating as the sunrise in the Indian Ocean. James is the man to have in that tour van.

Mobile: +254 (0) 719222430


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