Ubunifu Hub

Ubunifu is a Swahili word for Creativity.

Are you in Kenya? Creative with limited or no resources, and would love to explore? Ubunifu hub is your newfound Home.

Ubunifu hub is possible through One Planet.

One planet

  • Youth program by Green Peace and Fryshuset
  • Aged 15 – 25 years old
  • To engage, broaden and strengthen youth movements
  • In Kenya, South Africa, Cameron, Sweden, Hungary, and Amenia


Motivation behind

  • Climate injustices
  • Lack of diversity
  • Youth of voices are undermined or not heard
  • Shrinking of civic and democratic space

What One planet is offering

  • Workshop program
  • Bookable space for events
  • An open marker space- drop-ins
  • A global network including local groups working together


  • Space that provides enabling space
  • Provide tools, materials, and equipment
  • Drop-ins

Approach: pillars, themes, and topics


Innovation – social media, artivism, ecological farming

Youth empowerment and engagement – crowdfunding

Onboarding criteria

Aged 15 to 25 years old

Willingness to participate in workshops and start own initiatives that impact a community

Here are some photos of the place and our introduction meetup.


As you can tell, ubunifu hub is here to place your creativity, advocacy, meetings, etc, to a whole new level.

They will also be offering classes/lectures/workshops on Activities that may not be easy for you. From blogging, social media Management, canva, design, Proposal writing, just to name a few.

It’s also one of the safe places to be. With different silent rooms and offices, you can have the much-needed peace that you may be earning.

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