The World needs more good-hearted people, so stay who you are

What are you going to do when the world needs saving? Pull a rabbit out of your hat? Not very likely. The real solution is much simpler: surround yourself with good-hearted people and don’t change or conform to the evil around you. So follow your heart, it’ll lead you to the answer

Never change or conform to all the evil happening around you

People are good and can keep on being good. They should not conform to evil. They should remain so. Sadly, some choose the other option. Hurting people, and using their best to manipulate them.

As a good-hearted person, you know your flaws and struggle with them every day. You constantly battle with yourself to be a better version of yourself. Every day you choose to try to see the best in people, even when it can be hard. You try always to look at people from a different light and find out what they are all about before you judge them. You don’t understand why good comes only to some people and bad things come to others.

Just like all the evil people in the world, i will always tell myself that, i come first and foremost before any evil cause.

Don’t ever change your heart, you are a beautiful person

There will be times when you have to stand up for injustice against one of those with a low sense of what is right, in such cases fight on the side of justice. or there will be times when you might need to help a total stranger we should always lend a hand.

Stay with the good things of life as all around you may go evil do not change try to make it all better.

I believe in good-hearted people and I believe that one day there would be a world full of good-hearted people.

You may find at times when dealing with the world today that your good soul is too much for some people and it is easier to zip up your soul and fake being ignorant as most will but don’t do it remember because it may be to one person a stranger


Some so many good-hearted people do not get their stories covered within the media. Instead, we hear about the truly unfortunate courageous souls who withstand all odds to overcome the evil that has consumed their lives. We should change the way we view life and be happy for ourselves, at least we can recognize when we are doing something wrong. Thank you with all my heart to all of you good-hearted people.

To all good-hearted people spread your love and kindness from the bottom of your heart to everyone around you. Choose one day to have a positive influence on someone else for no reason at all.

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