Thank You PlanetHive and KEAN for the amazing Environment Day, #NdaragwaEdition

This year’s Environment Day was better and bigger, thanks to PlanetHive and KEAN. Not forgetting the Millennial Environmentalists who had also partnered with other partners in this project dubbed, #NdaragwaEdtion.

4th June, 2021

We were up and about as early as 6:00am. Ready to explore Ndaragwa.

The crew kept time, and our journey started off smoothly. They were so much joy, catching up, making new friends, jokes, and bonding. By the time we got to Nakuru, we were buddies turning into a family.

Its a crew, am holding tightly for many years to come.

In almost 5 hours, we made it to Ndaragwa. There was no wasting time, it was all hands down. Straight to the Forestry offices to secure our seedlings. Thanks to the employees there, they helped to load the seedling to the car for transportation.

The place was so cold in a nice way, the air was fresh and calmness was too loud to be ignored. We could not help appreciating the atmosphere but this was short-lived. Seedlings needed to be loaded into the transport vehicle.

It took us a few hours m after which we headed straight to the school that had ample space for the seedlings storage. The ride was rough, we were already really tired and hungry. But hopeful and happy that the program was running smoothly so far.

We had puncture issue, and had to trek the remaining distance. Surprisely, despite people not have eaten anything since morning plus all the seedlings loading. We still had strength for jokes as our feet kissed the hilly road of Ndaragwa.

We finally got to the school. More work in offloading the seedlings. But happy that our day one was a success.

The Eventful Evening

One of our buddies was offering us accommodation at their home. So we headed there, took shower and we were lucky to find warm delicious meals waiting for us along with a very friendly family.

The evening was awesome, full of great moments and laughter. It was one of a kind.

We lost track of time, and almost forgot to catch some rest for the next day, which was the d-day.

Finally, our bodies gave in and we had to catch some sleep. It was only for 3 hours but worthy it.

The D-day

The crew was up early and energetic.

Preparation took less time than we expected, we even got time to paint some canvas, plant trees at our gracious host and shared breakfast.

Our host blessed our day , and off we set for Ndaragwa.

This crew was not going to let anything even tiredness dull their day.

Our driver was awesome, and happened to be our dj. The songs selection was lit, and the journey was lively. We even stopped for a short drift into Lake Ol’ Bolossat , it was really beautiful. But sadly, it was short lived.

At Muti Omwe Primary School

This was our host school, where we did the tree planting. Learn more about the meaning of this school name here.

Students including the scouts, headteacher, deputy headteacher, and head of the parents, were already there. Ready for some tree planting.

Our hype men ready as usual helped us mingle and kick start the event. We partnered with the kids, and enjoyed some fun. Before digging into the serious business.

Environment education was on point, we learnt the importance of different tree species, how to plant seedlings and take care of them. We even had practical sessions.

Without wasting time, it was time to do the real thing.

Each of us took seedlings and went ahead to plant as demonstrated.

Students from Moi University and University of Nairobi joined us shortly afterwards. They were brought by different organizations, and we were happy as many are merrier.

Sadly, it was time to head back to Nairobi

Our mission was accomplished, and it was time to head back to Nairobi.

We bid our goodbyes, planned our next visits and had final chats with our student partners.

It was really two short days well spent. With the 2500 seedlings, we will be able to have a good number of trees in Ndaragwa that will survive to maturity.

All these was made possible by PlanetHive, Kenya Environmental Action Network, The Millenial Environmentalists, One Health (AfroHUN), NPIP, and other partners

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