What Happens Next?

What Happens Next?

What Happens Next? When you have all the information needed to proof that someone somewhere did an injustice. But changes nothing. And you can’t do anything about it.

The Untouchables

Have you ever happened to cross their paths or witness their evil actions. That you have no power to question. And even if you do your best, their money and power set them free.

They reclaim their freedom back and do more harm. Like they are rubbing it all over your face.

How do they feel about the whole issue , deep within them? Do they even have conscious to help them see all the injustices they subject other humans to?

When You try to digest the reality and your stomach end up aching in the process

So I was going through Youtube, looking for anyone talking about environment injustices.

From the big companies that keep dumping their waste into the water bodies. And getting away with the offence. Others , getting involved with harmful gases emissions and no plan to help the accumulation of those gases in that particular area.

Not forgetting those who deforest our forests and care less not to reforest them.

But the one that hurt most, was wildlife land grabbing.

So this video had all the data explaining how the so called untouchable people have been grabbing these lands and dividing it among their family members.

As years went by, they increased and grabbed even more. Leaving the poor and wildlife, homeless.

They even legalized papers for the grabbed land. So it is now legally their land.

Then conservationist started talking about it, and they started to act as if they cared. By advocating for degazettement of the remaining forests so as to provide homes for the poor. No one mentioning where the wildlife are supposed to go.

So What’s next?

Yes, the facts and needed information is available to everyone. But we can’t do anything about the situation. Instead , we get stomach aches, heartbreaks , as the harsh reality sink in. They are untouchable, so we can’t do much.

If we are to take them to courts, they have enough money, influence and power to make the whole thing vanish. And still win.

So they amass all the public resources and gift it to their children. Whatever that was meant for the public and other species like wildlife, is given to their individual family members.

Since they seem untouchable and have like the fina say, why don’t they surprise us?

For years, we have suffered their greed. Lost lives and resources fighting them, only to lose.

Why don’t they just do the right thing?

Without having to be co-asked. Why can’t they voluntary correct mistakes of those who came before them and try to return what was not meant to be there’s .


It really hurts when you see people do crazy stuff just because they can do it.

Treating others like lesser humans beings, who don’t really matter. Or see wildlife like a nuisance that needs to be gotten rid of.

Wildlife has suffered enough, yet it did no one any wrong. We found them here and the least we can do, is co-exist with them. Understand that they too matter and deserve a space and access to the limited resources.

6 thoughts on “What Happens Next?”

  1. I saw a post today on FB about tourists who took a baby dolphin out of the water to hold and play with it – hundreds of people gathered around it – it died. Wake up humans and notice you’re not the only tenants here!

  2. Did you watch the movie “Beatriz At Dinner”? It’s very depressing and has no good ending. It’s about big rich men taking what they want at any cost. It’s tough to keep fighting against them.

    • I have read the plot and sounds depressing indeed. Will look for the movie. I really hope that such people change for the best and stop causing pain for other living organisms.

  3. You said it right… At least once in a week or month it happens where some ppl do stuffs and we all know its wrong yet can’t do anything about it… It hurts a lot when you see it but have to just pass through it..
    In some cases we try to make a change due to our guts love for nature but in overall its the same scenario as it was…


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