Energy connection to Global Warming and Environmental Degradation

Energy connection to Global Warming and Environmental Degradation

Energy connection to Global Warming and Environmental Degradation. Did you know that 86% of the energy used worldwide is as a result of fossil fuel combustion? It’s also important to note that fossil fuels are one of the primary contributors to climate change.

How does fossil fuels contribute to climate change?

This through its combustion that emits greenhouse gases like the carbon dioxide.

In case you are wondering what these fossil fuels are. They include the

  • Coal
  • Petroleum
  • Natural Gases

Coal is the killer one

With the huge amounts of carbon it holds, when subjected to heat. End up emitting huge amounts of greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide, it is one of the gases produced in huge amounts.

Main reasons why most of the bodies fighting climate change discourages countries against producing their energy from coal. They have also provided all the needed information to support their decision.

Petroleum is equally bad

Especially when it comes to transport industry.

Everyone nowadays wants to drive themselves as opposed to car pooling or use of public means. If not embrace other means of transport that doesn’t require gas. Like cycling, walking or even running.

It’s funny that someone is willing to wake up and run several miles. But can’t walk to work that may be few blocks away.

We are not conscious of the gases our car emit in the unnecessary trips.

Natural Gas maybe considered as clean, but scientifically speaking, it’s not that clean

Starting with the LPG, the process involved in liquidifying it then gasifying it, results to emission of greenhouse gases. And that’s why its not that clean.

Other Energy contribution towards global warming and environment degradation.

  • Geothermal energy has impacts on both water quality and consumption. It also emit greenhouse gases. The fact that it is constructed in areas with desired geological conditions. These places are prone to calamities such as the earthquakes , and their activities makes it worst. They also end up other living orgaiism occupying that particular area. Including endangered species, that why it also to keep tabs on where they develop their plants.
  • Hydroelectric Power extracts huge volumes of water from the neighboring water bodies. Water in these resevoiurs are normally still allowing sedimentation of nutrients and growth of algae. Animals also get hurt when they come into contact with the sharp blades.
  • The solar energy contributes to environmental degradation. The materials used to install these solar systems, chemicals used to clean them and replacement of these equipments. Is what largely contributed to environmental degradation.


Energy is the backbone of developments and hence can’t be cut out.

Therefore, it’s the duty of the involved parties to ensure that they adhere to given guidelines. So as to avoid the harsh consequences of climate change and environment degradation.

For this to fully succeed, it need full support from the public, governments, energy companies and international bodies, working together.

They are already existing policies and agreement that work to ensure that we don’t harm our planet. It’s just a matter of everyone playing their part religiously.

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  1. Hopefully Solar energy especially solar energy panels on houses and apartment buildings will become the norm.
    Fossil fuel oil companies seem to have the politicians in their pockets. The funding needed to upkeep infrastructure for Mass transit system is seriously underfunded.
    The subway system in New York City is over 115 years old and constantly breaking down. Things could be so much better if the buses and trains were better managed.


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