#WorldEnvironmentDay, #BeatingAirPollution

WorldEnvironmentDay, #BeatingAirPollution

#WorldEnvironmentDay, #BeatingAirPollution . How are you beating air pollution? Or most importantly, What quality of air are you breathing in?


Every 5th of June, we get to celebrate our environment. But it should be a daily thing to do, as it affects our quality of life.

We get to appreciate what nature gifts us. And a point of correction on what we are doing wrong.

And this year’s, #WorldEnvironmentDay we are concentrating on the air pollution.


The atmosphere is no longer safe for breathing. The air has been contaminated by harmful chemicals and other substances, that are harmful to our health.

Air pollution occurs when harmful or excessive quantities of substances including gases, particles, and biological molecules are introduced into Earth’s atmosphere.

When mixed up with the air, they end up causing diseases, allergies as well as deaths.

Urban areas are the most affected places by the air pollution.

I remember in high schools, people joking that people who live along roadside tend to be stupid. They pegged the stupidity to the vehicles gases they inhaled. Then, we joked about it. But maybe, we were right.

Urban Settings

Depending on which part of the town you afford to fix yourself. Will hugely dictate what quality of air, you breathe in. But within CBDs, we all suffer the polluted air.

Houses have been built in a way, to accommodate many people. And the ventilation not given the priority they deserve. The houses are not well- air conditions, and the poor who can’t afford one, have to suffer.


Some industries are yet to work on the smoke they produce. Which mostly, carry deadly substances with it. They just erect tall chimneys and direct the smoke to our beautiful sky. Giving us not only polluted air but acidic rain as a bonus.


Vehicles became popular with urbanization and civilization, while fresh air escaped via the window.

Everyone wants to drive nowadays and will avoid public means of transport. Do they also understand how they affect the air they breathe?

These gases pollute our atmosphere and contribute to climate change. So if we can carpool, use bicycles or embrace public transportation. We can be a solution to a whole lot of problems facing us today.

Conclusion on this #WorldEnvironmentDay

As we celebrate our environment, take time to evaluate how you affect your air quality. Correct on what needs to be corrected and spread the word to the rest.

Be on the watch, identify the others who in one way or the other is contributing to air pollution. If they are not doing anything to correct that, make them do so.

90% of us are breathing polluted air. This means possible diseases, allergies, and even deaths. Don’t allow this to happen.

We may invest in protective gear like the masks, but what about those who can not afford them. Like young babies, old folks, wildlife, and other living organisms.

Say yes to #CleanAir

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