Black Friday is indeed Dark

Black Friday is indeed Dark

Black Friday is indeed Dark. and come with evil disguised as the best deals we strongly need. Which we really don’t need. They say its time for sales! sales! sales! but actually its time for oppression! oppression! oppression!. For both the mother nature and the laborers. For what? For a short time pleasure until the next SALE?

Black Friday

It was normally celebrated on 29th November after thanksgiving celebration.

But that was not good for the businesses. They now made the whole of November, black. And a good part of December too.

The cut % are made so appealing to a point that when we are doing shopping, we no longer consider the necessity of the commodities. But how much has been slashed down.

This is what the business like most about us, everything that we saved up during the year. Go back to their pockets, and the cycle continues.

Who covers the cut % you enjoy on the Black Friday/November?

No business will ever willingly make losses, so someone has to fill in that cut you enjoy during the SALE season.

The most common culprit, are the humans working in these manufacturers. They are poorly paid and overworked. So as to meet the demand, and no one cares about them.

Natural resources follow closely after humans, they are almost equally misused. Leading to over-utilization. Which eventually makes them scarce and people start fighting over them.

How many companies, if not countries, have you heard fighting over natural resources. My country, Kenya is currently in a disagreement with our neighbors, Somalia, over oil in the Indian ocean.

People end up dead, humans get displaced and even worst happens. Just to get the scarce disappearing natural resources. But you don’t notice this while enjoying the sales.

This is because very few of us will go ahead to think of where the commodities we are shopping started their journey from, before being on the stores’ shelves.

It’s a dark Affair

Apart from the environment losing its natural resources, all the waste ends up there. All the un-necessary goods end up in the dumpsite, mostly wrongly disposed of. So she has a bigger problem to deal with foreign complicated pollution from humans.

Do you really need another screen or clothes or anything you are seeing on the sale? Or is it the price tag plus the cut % calling out your name in capital bold letters?

Nature is doing the same, she is literally screaming out your name to stop shopping for fun and only do so where necessary. And shop for stuff that is friendly to her, once you lose the use of them.

Minimalist doesn’t mean that you are poor or lack taste in life. Simply means that you only buy what you really need. And has to be eco-friendly.

And if you must buy, do so for those who have nothing. Storing them in the storage or idle in the house is a waste. Give it to someone else who needs it, and spread the holiday spirit.

Buddies, don’t promote the dark side of the black Friday. Concentrate on the bright side and save our planet.

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  1. I live in the states. And this is so true. Black Friday and the holidays cause a lot of problems for those who don’t have extra money for their families. I don’t participate, it’s just another way for companies to make money

  2. Great read. Patriot Act did an episode of fast fashion and it’s brilliant how yourself and the show have highlighted very similar issues. It’s interesting that the supply (from fast fashion) is there because of the high demand and the affordable prices. This will have to be one of my goals for the new year – to buy less.


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