Do you know of the Jesus Christ Lizard or the Dancing Lizard of Namibia?

Do you know of the Jesus Christ Lizard or the Dancing Lizard of Namibia?

Do you know of the Jesus Christ Lizard or the Dancing Lizard of Namibia? They are one of the amazing and funny wildlife that will brighten your day anytime. They may be small in size but loaded with awesomeness.

Do you know of the Jesus Christ Lizard?

Do you know of the Jesus Christ Lizard? It’s a lizard that is able to run on water. Just like Jesus did. Their real name is the common basilisk.

Where can we find them?

They are native to the rainforests in Central and South America. Near the streams and rivers.

How do they manage to run on water?

We all know that it’s not possible to walk, leave alone run, on water. You can float, swim or do any of the things we do in the water. But walking or running is not part of the story.

While running on water, Jesus Christ Lizard runs on its hind legs. Its legs have flaps that help it trap bubbles while running. The tail act as the balancing factor. The same is offered by the front legs, which are held to the sides.

The younger ones can run at a high speed and cover more areas than the adult ones. This is due to weight issues. Adults tend to sink earlier, due to their weight.

Do you know of the Dancing Lizard of Namibia?

This lizard literally dances to survive.

Namibia is a desert in Africa that can receive very high temperatures of up to 160’C and as low as 0’C at its lowest. Living organisms had to adapt to such conditions, so as to survive.

The dancing lizard, also known as the shovel-snouted lizard is a desert lizard. That has adopted a dance which prevents it from roasting. Due to the scorching sun.

The dance involves lifting their legs on a rotational basis. That is a front leg and opposite hind leg. Also known as a thermal dance.

The lifted legs get to cool down before allowing the others to enjoy the same. Done repeatedly, give birth to the amazing dance of life.

They are also equipped with two bladders. One for urine and the other one for water. A full water bladder can push them for weeks.


Wildlife fun and amazement are not limited to the big ones. But the small ones too are reloaded with even more to admire and enjoy.

Nature and wildlife will always have something new to teach you if you open up your heart to them.

It’s loaded with things we may perceive impossible, lessons we can borrow and amazement to brighten our experiences with them.

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