Goodbye Dakasi

Do you remember the gorilla that went viral on social media for best poses with her caretaker in a photograph? She gave birth to many challenges, and many people got an interest in knowing more about the mountain gorillas. Tourists who were lucky to meet them (Ndakasi and her caretaker) in person, ensured to pose for a photo.

Photo courtesy of AWF

She managed to help us see just how much we are related. How harmless they can be, and their ability to express feelings.

Too bad, she is gone now. May we continue to protect all wildlife while we still have them around, because once they are gone. We can only revisit memories. Let more Dakasi have a shot in life. They may not have a chance for selfies, as we want them to remain wild and enjoy their freedom to the fullest.

Be part of a society that acknowledges the importance of freedom and access to basic needs by all living organisms. The roaming mass extinction should not happen.

Their land should not be taken away from them or forgotten during natural disasters as a result of climate change.

We are one big connected ecosystem, and all have a part to play in the completion of this planet.

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