Happy Earth Hour

Happy Earth Hour

We have been through a lot this year, difficult moments that we have been forced to handle on our own. Allow Earth hour to bring some peace and hope.  Its one fight that has helped us know the power of nature directly on our lives. Where it has taken away our loved ones, freedom, leisure, among others.

Let’s learn from its silver lining. As a globe, we can conquer everything. We can learn from each other, offer support and be responsible.

Today is that day we remind ourselves to switch off the lights that not necessarily need. Lights during the day, yet we have windows that can welcome in the natural lights. Lights on yet we have the tv on, and they do provide sufficient light. Among others. By switching off the lights tonight, its a sign of commitment towards bettering our planet.

https://voicefortheplanet.org/iframe/?oid=194&output=embed #naturematters

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