Happy Wetlands Day

Happy Wetlands Day

Its a day to recognize the importance of our wetlands, hence making wise decisions while extracting their benefits.

Water is life and if we misuse it, we are killing ourselves and any other living organisms depending on it.

Say no to sewage dumping into our water bodies, directing our home or commercial waste into them. They may be moving and seem easier to carry our waste away. But they end up somewhere. And destroy the important commodity depended by many.

If you are lucky to have access to clean water, be thankful for that and cherish it. Many are still struggling with the unsafe water, living at the mercies of all diseases that come with it. And worst being, some don’t even have access to the unsafe water either.

Be proactive by speaking up for our wetlands, and pushing for better laws that well protects them. The important role of being able to help others see and understand the importance of keeping wetlands clean and safe.

Have a happy fruitful Wetland Day.

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