Here’s To Us

Here’s To Us

Here’s To Us. That’s right. Today I just want to show my gratitude to all who believe and fight for nature/wildlife/natural resources.

Conservation is not easy as it may seem

Allowing ourselves to believe in it and practice it. Need motivativaton and enough that will help make it happen.

We are in a developing world, where things keep changing and all we can do is adapt. Embrace the changes and sometimes, forced to forgo some of it.

Ditching plastic bottles and plastic bags, is not that easy. But our love for a healthy planet. Helped us embrace reusable bottles and biodegradable/reusable bags.

We get to sacrifice all the cheap and easy ways of life, due to their effect on the environment and other species.

I raise a glass to you champion. Continue with the great work and help many others to join you.

Practising Minimalism

Living large is not something people just ignore if they have means. After all we work hard to live a better life. Which involves having more stuff.

But minimalism opposes that. It advocates for using what you really need and avoid wastage. You get to really buy and get what you really need and enough sizes. No excuses allowed.

It takes a hero to observe and practice minimalism religiously.

Again, love and passion for our nature and wildlife. Drives us to manage to succeed a minimalism lifestyle.

Reducing our carbon footprint

Before even thinking of reducing our carbon footprint. It’s evident that we took time to study where our carbon footprints stands. This is not something that anyone can do or make themselves do.

But we do it and advise us of its benefits/necessity. Isn’t that immense love for our planet. We have a choice to bury our heads from the climate change and global warming topics. But we are motivated enough to be solution oriented.

The protest regarding conservation issues

Wildlife or nature has no voice to hit the streets and demonstrate. We do that on their behalf. We use our precious time to make some noise for our voiceless wildlife and nature.

What about teaching and spreading of conservation awareness?

We have been able to come up with workshops, conferences, lectures, etc, where we use the platforms to educate others about conservation.

These platforms have been a bid boost to the conservation world. And consumes huge sums of money, time and other resources.

Another glass to our conservation heroes.

Not forgetting the projects / organizations / centers dedicated for wildlife welfare

You guys deceive a pat on your back too.


Conservation is vital and part of us. Lets continue doing this noble work. Mother nature and all its voiceless species appreciate your efforts.

We raise glasses to you all for the great job you are doing.

So here is to us, and to wildlife, raise a glass and let’s enjoy the achievements.

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