Let’s Protect The Mature Trees

As we continue to push for a better forest cover, we should protect the mature trees. Especially as we continue to embrace developments in our towns and cities. These developments help us live more comfortably, and catch up with the rest of the world. But they don’t have to replace trees. We need trees and other vegetation.

Co-existing with Tree

Can we co-exist with vegetation/nature?

Climate change needs us to be extremely conscious when it comes to vegetation around us. We are to ensure all our activities, support their survival. But we have been doing the opposite. We continue to clear the trees to give room to roads, buildings, etc. The worst part being, all these activities will likely target areas with trees, The bare land seems not to attract many. And these are places where many of us will “pretend” to replace the cut trees.

Due to the harsh conditions, the survival of the planted vegetation is almost impossible. Yet we cut down a full-grown tree.

Many countries have shown us that its possible to incorporate nature and development. From the green cities, green airports, green hotels, etc. They allow their development to give way to nature.

It is possible to protect our trees and still enjoy the developments. The will to protect nature will help promote decisions that favor its existence. Billboards should no longer need trees to be cleared. Human settlements should have lots of trees, grass, not forgetting the flowers.

With no time, it will welcome birds back to our existence, as well as other incredible creatures. Exactly what we need in our busy lives.

Better climate experienced

They clean our air, allowing us to inhale the needed clean air. Preventing us from all these respiratory diseases.

Temperatures noted to be lower where we have nature incorporated, compared to the bare land.

Nature has also be known for its healing abilities, hence bonus benefits to people in the area. But do we think of this while making decisions for the needed developments?

Its time we start protecting the already mature vegetation.


This is the action year, lets make it count.

As we continue to grow more trees, ensure not to allow any more vegetation to be cleared.

6 thoughts on “Let’s Protect The Mature Trees”

  1. Yes I absolutely agree, I upsets to see how the land and trees are not respected for their contributions to our wellbeing and it is upsetting that people take so long to catch up with what needs to be done to make changes in our thinking. That is why I appreciate every person that tries to help others become aware, like you. Thank you. 🤗😊

    • Thank you. The rate at which these trees are been cleared is alarming in the name of extra lanes, visible billboards, houses, etc. We need to continue reminding them, to allow trees to stand tall within us.


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