Meeting New People with the same passion as you brightens your Special Day

I got to join one of my green friends in a tree planting event for my birthday. It was amazing and exactly what I needed as I start a brand new year. The best part was the presence of kids, who were eager to learn and tackle life as it comes.

If you go to church, does your pastor teach you the importance of the environment especially the trees? Our host pastor gave us a very touching story on how he has been planting trees in that church for many years. The trees are already huge and the place looks heavenly. With plenty of trees to enjoy the shade from, supply fresh air and beautify the place. It’s funny how he got the trees he planted. Most of them were destined to be discarded from his former workplace, so he borrowed them. Then plant them at the church. That selfless action resulted in a very beautiful church that people can enjoy fresh air within the city.

There were several groups that had different assignments in making life people. From standing up for girls in ghetto, feeding the hungry, offering a charity hand, and recognizing talents among kids. They were all happy and excited to support their brother to green our planet. Amazing stuff hapens when youth come together. Unlike the elders, they are yet to be divided by greed or selfishness. They are willing and ready to sacrifice the little they have, to make someone else life better. With no intentions of pay backs. An important lesson to learn.

Have you stumbled on a movie, you might have downloaded many months ago and really enjoyed it. Wondering why you hadn’t watched it yet. There is this friend of mine, who we briefly met but didn’t really interact with. Then met again and started working together on something. The connection and passion have been really amazing, and I wondering why it took this long. Someone sacrificing their time to enjoy with you your birthday is not obvious. True friendship is required. Not only did I enjoy the company, the jokes, stories, and sharing experiences was one of a kind. Its one friend am planning to keep for many years to come.

As time goes by you come to learn that simple things in life are what really matters. The fact that you are in good shape both mentally and physically, not forgetting spiritually, you are exactly where many are wishing to be. One step at a time helps you appreciate the process and have peace with the universe. No one owes you anything, and owe no one anything. Just be you and enjoy the ride.

Always be kind to one another, our planet and wildlife. Allow yourself to fall in love with our planet and life itself. Everything else will fall in place.

Enjoy some of the photos from the event.

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