Our Coins Our Heritage

Our coins our heritage. That’s right. That has been the song in our media devices as Central Bank of Kenya make Kenyans aware of the new coins.

Yes, our president revealed the new coins few days ago. No more presidents’ faces on our coins. I like the idea and tend to think it will bring good luck to the Kenyan wildlife.

The coins are as follows :

  • Sh1: Bears the image of a giraffe
  • Sh5: Bears the image of a rhino
  • Sh10: Bears the image of a lion
  • Sh20: Bears the image of an elephant.
Ksh.1 and Ksh.5
Ksh.1 and Ksh.5

Ksh. 20 and KSh. 10
Ksh. 20 and KSh. 10

So why did the Central Bank of Kenya settle for animals on our coins?

As per the Central Bank of Kenya governor, Patrick Njoroge, the new coins are geared towards passing knowledge, concerning culture as well as promoting our global uniqueness.

It’s clear that they understand the importance of wildlife in our country.

What am hoping for

Natural resources and culture hold important part in our identity. They define who we are and what we believe in. Hence should be guarded very well. Extreme care should be taken to ensure it doesn’t disappear or get destroyed.

Just like families have their ugly sides and drama. But when dealing with the outside world, then we will do anything not to tarnish our family name. We will do our best to save each , fight for each other and even put our lives on line for each other. Hence the saying, blood is thicker than water.

That’s how we should protect our natural resources, culture and environment.

Our leaders should now actively fight for the conservation and preservation of our natural resources.

  • This will be through coming up with strict laws that protect them.
  • Allocating enough funds towards natural resources management and conservation.
  • Helping and empowering citizens on the importance of natural resources.
  • Help to reposses wildlife grabbed land and corridors.
  • Be on the frontline to the fight against pollution.
  • Ensure any development activities adhere to measures meant to put environment well being first.


By using our wildlife as a brand for our coins. Then its our mandate to ensure these wildlife survive to be enjoyed by the future generations. It will be very sad to have their faces on the coins and nowhere in our country.

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