People and Nature

People and Nature are two goals that sadly tend to sound contradictory. As we continue to demand more than nature can offer. And inputting harmful artificial tactics. They’re not and should not sound contradictory. We believe that all people should feel close to nature and that nature should, in turn, be protected.

How do we get close to Nature without harming her?

We protect nature and prevent negative activities by humans with various methods such as:

We dispose of solid and wastewater
~Wastewater is used again as raw water
~We use sewage sludge to produce biogas which is burnt to generate electricity and heat.

We work with people and animals in harmony to protect nature and prevent negative activities by humans.

Conventional development, typically the clearing of forests for construction, is a primary cause of species depletion. Preventing this damage creates a better world for both people and nature.

We all need fresh water to live and we are trying to preserve our water. Rainwater can be used for plants, home use, and animals. Also, rain barrels can hold collected water and filter it with plants in the rain barrel. 

Visit people and places around the world working to ensure a healthy and sustainable future for our planet. We examine their efforts in agriculture, transportation, conservation, renewable energy, and more. Learn about the social, environmental, economic, and cultural impacts of our decisions about how we live.

All in all

We are talking about our Earth. Our beautiful home. We want to protect it. Your body supports many natural resources and functions. Your lungs provide life-giving oxygen, and your kidneys, and liver filter out toxins and support your overall health. There are so many connections between you and the natural world that is around us every day. Be more aware of the impact of your actions on both the environment and yourself, and become part of a solution that involves you, all of us, every day as we try to protect ourselves and our planet!

Our mission is to bring the environment one step closer to a natural state. We work with various solutions for clean air, clean water, and clean soil.

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